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How to deal with hearing-impaired children

When a child is detected to have hearing impairment innate, many parents can’t accept it for a while, and more do not know what to do for the child? What should I do?

Children with hearing impairment

What is the cause of 1 congenital deafness?

About 60% of congenital hearing impairment is hereditary deafness. Among them, about 90% of hereditary deafness can be identified by genetic screening. It is important to note that about 25% of congenital hearing impairment is caused by cytomegalovirus infection, which can be avoided.

Is the 2 hearing aid good or the cochlear implant?

Foreign studies have shown that for children with hearing impairment in very severe hearing impairment, the implantation of a cochlear implant is more beneficial for the development of oral English in weak hearing children. However, for children with severe hearing impairment, whether the cochlear implant is better than the hearing aid is still inconclusive.

China’s “cochlear implant work guide” recommendations: comprehensive audiological assessment, severe hearing loss of children with hearing aid 3 ~ 6 months invalid or unsatisfactory results, should be cochlear implant; very severe cases of children can be considered direct Cochlear implants.

How does 3 understand hearing aids?

Parents can learn about the hearing aids of hearing-impaired children in two ways: 1) hearing loss simulator; 2) hearing aid threshold test.

The Hearing Loss Simulator allows parents to understand the general listening situation of a weak hearing child by comparing the sounds before and after the hearing aid. Hearing and hearing threshold tests can help parents understand the changes in listening performance of hearing-impaired children by comparing threshold changes before and after hearing aids.

How long should 4 hearing aids be worn each day?

How long does the 5 child hearing aid last?

The age of hearing aids is affected by many factors. In general, children’s hearing aids are used for years around 4-5. When the hearing aid product is updated, the weak hearing child is generally recommended to change to the latest hearing aid product. In addition, if the hearing loss of a weakly hearing child is progressively reduced, then when hearing falls to a certain level, it may be necessary to replace a higher power hearing aid or even a cochlear implant.

How does 6 maintain child hearing aids?

The drying box is an essential daily maintenance device. When the weak hearing child rests, the hearing aid also enters the dry box to “rest”. In addition to the drying box, parents also need to learn how to use various hearing aid gadgets, such as lanyard, microphone net cover and battery tester. It is generally recommended that the parents of the hearing-impaired children perform a morning hearing of the hearing aids to confirm that the hearing aids are working properly before they are used by the hearing-impaired children. In the event of a hearing aid failure, parents should seek the assistance of an audiologist in a timely manner.

Do 7 children need other assistive devices?

Whether the hearing-impaired child wears a hearing aid or a cochlear implant, it is necessary to use other auxiliary equipment in combination. In theory, the total contact vocabulary of each normal hearing child should reach 4 10,000 when they reach 4600. However, even a weak hearing child who chooses a hearing aid or a cochlear implant cannot achieve the same vocabulary level of his peers. Because there are competitive speech signals in 70% of the time in the daily listening environment, the low signal-to-noise ratio will affect the listening clarity of weak children. Remote microphone technology can improve this situation very well.

What kind of communication level can 8 children achieve?

In theory, the monosyllabic word recognition rate of hearing-impaired children should reach 100%. In fact, due to the various lesions of the hearing system of children with weak hearing and the development of hearing aid technology, the speech recognition rate of hearing-impaired children may not reach the theoretical level. In general, audiologists will use appropriate debugging to make the monosyllabic speech recognition rate of hearing-impaired children reach 80%. Because in the actual communication process, contextual reminders and lip-reading ability of weak children can also help communicate.

How does 9 assess speech and hearing skills?

The premise of judging whether children’s speech and hearing ability are normal is: regular regular and standard verbal auditory assessment. The final assessment results also require other systemic assessments, such as intelligence assessment, cognitive assessment, and motor developmental assessment.

How does 10 promote oral development?

1) Parents need to be a “real-time commentator” to explain various life scenarios for children with weak hearing in real time, which is very important for the development of oral English for weak children.

2) Parents can often sing to weak children. Melody speech signals such as songs or operas can exercise to stimulate both sides of the auditory and auditory centers.

3) Parents can often study for weak children. Choose the appropriate books based on the age of the weak hearing child to promote overall speech ability development.

Parents should not be too anxious if their child is detected to have hearing impairment. As long as you adhere to scientific rehabilitation, your child will be able to integrate into normal life.

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