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I still can’t hear it after wearing a hearing aid.

Whether it is a child or an old person, after fitting the hearing aid, you may feel a bit unclear. It may be due to an irregular fitting, which may be a hearing aid quality problem, or it may be caused by the fitter’s selective adjustment of the patient’s hearing health. If it is fitted at a formal fitting center, the first two cases will rarely occur, and more will be caused by the fitting adjustment of the fitter. People just wear a hearing aid, they are not used to it, and the hearing effect is relatively poor. If the power is raised too high at once, it will only cause more serious damage to the patient, resulting in further damage to the patient’s residual hearing. What should I do if the patient is unable to hear the hearing after wearing the hearing aid?

The first method: binoculars with optional hearing aids.

In general, binaural matching high-fidelity hearing aids can maximize the language resolution, produce a sense of hearing direction, reduce tinnitus and brain sounds, and increase comfort and clarity. If the hearing aid is worn with one ear, the other ear is prone to a decrease in the ability to discriminate due to long-term lack of sound stimulation.

The second method: adaptive training.

Generally, wearing a hearing aid requires an 1-3 month adaptation period. During the period, the family needs to cooperate to minimize the conversation distance and slow down the speech.

You can also help by understanding lip reading, reading and reading.

The third method: further evaluation and debugging of hearing aids.

Hearing aid fitting is a professional and complex science. Audiologists can comprehensively evaluate the hearing aids. The sounds in various environments also need to be gradually debugged and reprogrammed. This requires gradual progress, not too hasty or too much. Expectations are too high at the beginning, and you must correctly understand your hearing loss.

The fourth method: replace the higher level hearing aids.

Generally speaking, higher-level hearing aids will use more powerful chips and more advanced software systems, and the sound pre-processing will be more advanced and clearer, reducing the post-processing requirements and making it easier for patients to hear the sound.

Just wearing a hearing aid requires an adaptation process. The patient should maintain sufficient patience. After a period of adaptation, if it does not improve, go to the fitting center and re-commission.

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