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Otitis media should be treated as soon as possible

There are not many patients with otitis media, but it has only recently begun to pay attention to this disease. There is such a girl after 90, there is a history of otitis media for more than ten years. There is no major impact on daily life, but recently it has been found that the ears are out of yellow pus, and there are tinnitus, nausea, headache, dizziness, and the result is meningitis. In the hospital, the doctor found that her hearing bone was severely damaged, and the hearing bones almost rotted, and unfortunately lost hearing.

The smallest three bones of human beings – three ossicular position maps (hammer, anvil and tibia)

When the girl was 10, she was diagnosed with symptoms of middle ear inflammation. At that time, she was not nervous about going to the hospital for systemic treatment because of her intense study. After taking a period of time, the symptoms of anti-inflammatory drugs bought by her family were alleviated, and she did not pay much attention to it. In the following ten years, her otitis media often recurred, her hearing was also damaged a little bit, but she did not notice, did not go to the hospital, or eat some anti-inflammatory drugs in the same incidence as in the past, even if the two ears flow out Yellow pus, she also used a cotton swab and paper towel to dry the pus and did not manage it.

After graduating from college, she worked in a foreign company. She accidentally got a bad cold more than a month ago, and after a hard fight at home for more than a week, she caught a cold. Half a month ago, after she got up, she felt that there was always something stuck in her ears. She was not very clear about the sound, and there was pus flowing out of her ear. She knew that otitis media had recurred, so she used the old method. Carry. But this time, Li Xia did not get better no matter how much medicine he ate, and his head began to feel uncomfortable.

Until recently, her ears felt tinnitus, nausea, headache, dizziness, pus in both ears, and the sensitivity to the sound plummeted. She then went to the hospital for ENT consultation.

After examination by a doctor, she was diagnosed as chronic septic otitis media with meningitis in her ears. Since she came to the hospital very late, the inflammation was already very serious. Her ears and the cells in the ear related organs were severely damaged. Almost rotten, unfortunately lost hearing. Currently, she is undergoing treatment for meningitis. After meningitis is controlled, the doctor will perform binnal mastoidectomy and related treatment for her, and finally she will be implanted with a cochlear implant to help restore hearing.

Human specimen of hammer bone and anvil

The chief otolaryngologist said that in the winter, the temperature dropped. Many people got a cold and felt a significant drop in hearing. Remember to beware of otitis media. If the otitis media is severe, it will damage the inner ear, cause dizziness, and even severely damage the hearing. Otitis media can also cause a variety of complications, some of which are even fatal. Therefore, otitis media can not be taken lightly, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible for targeted treatment, and continue to track the disease.

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