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Can deafness be treated?

If you have not had a hearing test recently (1 month), please go to the hospital or a professional fitting center for testing. Look at your hearing before you can determine how to treat.

★ If you have deafness within a week, please go to the hospital for treatment. Most of these patients can recover through medication.

But if it is a long-term deaf patient, please look down:

After hearing test, you will usually be given a written report of your test, which is your audiogram.

Next you need to ask the hearing tester what type of hearing loss you are in. What is the level of hearing loss?

According to the audiogram, we usually divide the deafness into the following three categories:


The most common causes: otitis media, tympanitis, embolism, tympanic membrane perforation

Sensorineural hearing loss

The most common cause: cochlear injury, senile acoustic necrosis

Mixed 聋

The most obvious manifestations: both the symptoms of conductive convulsions and the symptoms of sensorineural hearing loss.

★ Conductive 聋 wearing hearing aids works best.

★ Most of the sensorineural hearing loss is the elderly and congenital hearing loss children. These patients should wear hearing aids in time to stimulate the auditory nerve and delay the further damage of the auditory nerve.

★Combined sputum, this type of patient is complicated with hearing, even if equipped with hearing aids, the general small shop can not be debugged well, professional hearing experts need to be debugged, and the patient must be on site to debug.

Isn’t it possible to have a hearing aid? Is there any other treatment?

From the current medical conditions, long-term deaf patients go to the hospital, the medicines that are prescribed only play a role in sleeping and refreshing, and cannot be cured. Moreover, the most important thing is that if the ear does not accept the sound stimulation, the drug will continue to be maintained and the hearing will continue to decline.

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