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Drinking alcohol can also cause deafness

Last month, there was a news report in 9 that a young man had a nightingale with his friends and drank a lot of alcohol, which led to acute alcoholism. Although I was sent to the doctor, my hearing condition was seriously impaired and almost completely paralyzed. At the same time, intelligence is also affected, the recession is serious, and life cannot take care of itself. Many people have always felt that drinking is only harmful to the liver, but in fact, after taking a lot of alcohol, alcohol can paralyze the nervous system, so that the nervous system will always be in a state of excitement, which will cause great damage to the nervous system.

Anyone who has been drunk knows that after the waking up, in addition to the uncomfortable stomach, the head will have symptoms of pain. The liver breaks down the body’s intake of alcohol, but it is the human brain that controls this process. The reason why people are drunk is because they consume too much alcohol and can’t handle it anymore. Like an hourglass, it has been pouring sand inside, but the amount of sand flowing down each time is limited. Always pour it in, and it will only overflow.

By the same token, the body’s nervous system is overloaded and it will collapse. Once damaged, the body’s function will be affected. This is the reason why young people with hearing problems have experienced this drinking.

If you are intoxicated, you should seek medical attention if you are particularly serious. Slightly, you can induce vomiting first, then drink plenty of water and dilute the alcohol concentration. You can add some sugar or honey to the water, and the hangover effect will be better.

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