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Parental smoking may induce otitis media in children

Symptoms of baby otitis media

1, scratching the ear: Before the age of 2, the child can’t tell where he is hurting, but he will tell you by action. If he keeps touching his ears, scratching his ears, and rubbing his ears, think about whether he is suffering from otitis media.

2, fever: otitis media is often accompanied by a sudden onset of fever, body temperature can be raised to 37.8 ° C to 40 ° C, eat the medicine but continue to retreat, it is necessary to consider the baby may have otitis media, go to the hospital as soon as possible.

3, shaking your head left and right: shaking your head left and right is also an important feature of otitis media. Because the ears are uncomfortable, the baby will try to relieve the symptoms by shaking his head. Therefore, I found that my baby was restless and shook his head. He thought that his ears might be uncomfortable.

4, crying: The child suddenly becomes irritable, keeps crying, and sleeps at night because of pain. Then take him to the doctor immediately.

5, water in the ear: When some otitis media occurs, there may be water in the middle ear and the tympanic membrane is swollen. When the tympanic membrane is perforated, a yellow secretion will flow out. If there is dry skin around the child’s ear, pay attention.

6, hearing impairment: Otitis media may cause temporary hearing impairment in the baby due to the large amount of fluid remaining in the middle ear. If you find that your baby is slow to respond to your call, ask him to ignore it several times, and take him to the hospital.

Therefore, parents who have smoking, it is recommended to consider the child’s health problems, the impact of otitis media on hearing can not be ignored!

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