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How to communicate with deaf patients

When a person is not listening well, life will become difficult, and it is difficult for him to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues. If someone around you has a bad hearing, here are some suggestions you can help them.

Hearing loss is not a hidden illness and you don’t have to be too scared. Try to open your mind to the weak listener, don’t whisper, say it clearly. Try to make sure that the hearing impaired can see your facial expressions. Facial expressions can help them understand what you are saying. They can also get information through lip reading.

You don’t have to shout, yelling is usually useless, but it will reach the upper limit of the hearing aid (inaudible). It is sometimes difficult for a weak listener to listen in the crowd or have a lot of background noise, try to talk to them in a quiet place. Pay attention when you are working on a speech or in front of a computer screen. When you are talking, try to stay face to the weak, and be patient when the communication is interrupted. Sometimes people with weak hearing will not understand what you are saying, then change the way you speak and use easy-to-understand words. People with weak hearing often feel isolated, which makes them even more frustrated. Staying optimistic and learning more about hearing loss is not a one-time process. Many websites, resources and organizations have corresponding content.

Hearing loss is not easy for everyone, it will have a lot of negative effects. (As a person around the hearing impaired) You can change! Please help to treat the weak people around you.

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