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Three kinds of rehabilitation training methods for deafness

In recent years, the incidence of deafness in children has been rising, and everyone’s treatment has begun to attract attention. Experts pointed out that for children with deafness, in addition to the basic treatment, but also pay attention to the later rehabilitation training, only the two complement each other, in order to recover early. So, how do children with deafness perform rehabilitation training in their daily lives? Let’s take a closer look.

  Rehabilitation training for children with deafnessHearing training: The purpose is to use the residual hearing of the deaf children as soon as possible, to cultivate their habit of listening and listening, let the deaf children perceive the existence of sound, the presence or absence of sound, the size of the sound, the level of sound, and maximize their daily life. The ability to distinguish and understand various sounds.

  Rehabilitation training for children with deafnessPronunciation training: The linguistic physiology of human beings is produced by the vibration of vocal cords and by the coordination activities of organs such as respiratory organs, pharyngeal cavity, oral cavity and nasal cavity. Deafness makes deaf children lack of auditory feedback, can not correct their pronunciation in time, there are many defects in pronunciation, such as: pronunciation is not accurate, the pronunciation volume is small, lack of tone change, sometimes fake sound, high-pitched, sometimes bass, etc. . In the face of these problems, it is necessary to train the children to speak fluently and fluently, and to train them to master various pronunciation skills, and to use the auditory, visual, and tactile compensation functions of other senses, and to plan and maintain the purpose consistently. . This includes: breathing training, tongue training, oral exercise training, voice training, nasal training.

  Rehabilitation training for children with deafnessLanguage training: First, the cultivation of comprehension language ability, and second, the cultivation of expressive language ability. The first step in developing language skills is to understand language, and understanding is the basis of expression. In language training, deaf children should be combined with the meaning of language while acquiring a large number of language stimuli, develop the language comprehension ability of deaf children, and guide inspiring deaf children to organically associate mouth, voice, objects and words. , understand that each word is meant to be. As long as the deaf understands the meaning of the language, he will gradually understand that everything in the world has a corresponding word. Under the condition of understanding the language, let the deaf children learn some short sentences first, then train the expressive ability of the language, teach them to speak the complete words, and correctly express their own willingness to think. Learn to express declarative sentences, interrogative sentences, exclamatory sentences, imperative sentences, etc., as well as compound sentences that improve expression and thinking ability. It is necessary to pay attention to creating a good language environment, increasing the language practice of deaf children, and always encouraging deaf children to express and communicate with words and sentences that he understands.

There are three kinds of rehabilitation training for deafness. I believe everyone should have already understood it. Parents and friends should pay attention to the rehabilitation of children with the above methods. If you have any questions or questions, please contact the experts of I wish your baby grow up healthily and away from deafness.

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