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Will hearing aids get worse?

There is always a question when hearing loss or hearing loss parents choose a hearing aid: “Will the hearing aid wear more and more?”

In fact, there are many factors that cause hearing loss. Are they all caused by hearing aids? This question needs to be answered from the following aspects:

First, a history of hearing related

1, the elderly hearing loss population, although age and body organ aging is the main cause of hearing loss, but there are some diseases or ototoxic drug medication history will also cause further hearing loss, we must always pay attention, such as cardiovascular disease , diabetes, tinnitus and dizziness, ear diseases such as otitis media, susceptibility to ototoxic drugs, such as streptomycin, gentamicin medication history.

2, for children with hearing loss, the vestibular aqueduct enlargement syndrome is likely to cause constant fluctuations or decline in hearing, so children must have an imaging examination to determine the presence or absence of this condition before choosing a hearing aid.

3, people with sudden hearing loss have a higher probability of hearing loss than the general hearing loss group.

Second, hearing test

1, inaccurate or incomplete hearing tests may result in unsuitable hearing aid selection, and unscientific matching may indirectly lead to hearing loss.

For those who are often uncomfortable, it is necessary to further test the discomfort threshold, which will affect the hearing control’s control of loud sounds. If the hearing aid is over-amplified, it may damage the hearing. This situation is more likely to occur in children who do not speak.

2, for children, behavioral audiometry is the gold standard for hearing loss judgment. Unfortunately, many unprofessional hearing centers blindly choose hearing aids for children based on objective examination results, which is highly likely to cause over-amplification of hearing aids. hearing.

Third, lifestyle or living environment

Living or working in a noisy environment for a long time, such as restaurants, workshops, supermarkets, etc., if the noise suppression function of the hearing aid is not good, it is likely to lead to further hearing loss. It is recommended to choose a hearing aid with better noise reduction performance, more automatic functions and a comfortable hearing aid to help protect your hearing.

Fourth, the hearing and cleaning of hearing aids

For customers who already wear hearing aids, sometimes they feel that the sound is getting smaller and they think their hearing is declining. At this time, it is recommended that you go to the hearing center to clean and maintain the hearing aid and review your hearing. It is very likely that the sound hole of the hearing aid is blocked by the sputum or the microphone port is blocked by dust.

Through the above four points of analysis, everyone should now have a correct understanding of hearing aids? In short, the choice of professional hearing aids in the formal hearing center will not only make the ears more worn, but also help Improve speech resolving power and perception of sound. Conversely, the unscientific selection of hearing aids is very likely to cause further hearing loss or cause problems for the hearing loss.

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