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Be alert to hearing loss and prevent deafness

Sick, heavy and light, slow and urgent. The difference between heavy and light is whether the disease seriously affects people’s normal life. The difference between urgency and urgency is whether the disease can endanger people’s lives or leave serious sequelae. But the problem is that most people do not have professional medical knowledge, and their views on the disease are only based on their own subjective assumptions or other people’s views.

In most people’s eyes, colds and hooligans are only minor illnesses, and they are not an emergency. It is enough to take two days of medicine. However, during the 03 SARS epidemic, everyone will definitely not see these as minor illnesses, which is inconsistent with our usual subjective feelings. Why is this?

Do you have to be critical to life and pay attention to the “small illness”?

If you are not a professional doctor, please don’t let the minor illness become a “big illness”, and the “allergies of the disease” should be heard.

In the current society, people still generally believe that hearing loss is not a “big illness”, but the result of a natural decline in physical function. However, people with high blood pressure and myocardial infarction caused by the decline of bodily functions are particularly valued. Still the reason: a small illness is not life-threatening!

In most people’s worlds, sound is everywhere, and the sounds heard are about 20Hz~20000Hz. But for people with reduced hearing, this range will be narrower and less heard. The faster the hearing falls, the less the sound is heard until it is completely inaudible.

We imagine that hearing can have an impact on our lives?

1, can’t hear others

No more verbal communication with children, parents, friends, etc.

2, can’t hear the sound

Fire alarms, car whistle, telephone ring tones, doorbells, etc., have serious safety hazards.

3, loneliness

A silent world can make people feel lonely, lonely, and unable to talk to others. Gradually become solitary, irritable, and even worse, suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Whether hearing loss is a “small illness” can a professional doctor make a correct judgment. Believe in the profession, believe in scientific knowledge, avoid subjective judgments, and don’t let “small diseases” develop “big illnesses”.

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