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How to test your hearing at home?

Many people don’t notice such a phenomenon: some people have poor ears, but you don’t feel any obstacles with them. This phenomenon is real, but we can’t notice it. But as long as we do a small test, we can immediately determine if there is a problem with its ears.

The test method is simple:Going behind the patient, you say a word and let it repeat what you said. If you can clearly repeat what you said, it means that the ears are fine; but if the content of the repetition is ambiguous, it means that there may be problems with the ears. This test is very simple, but it works. There are old people in the family who can test it.

Why can you still hear what is wrong with the ear?

Adults generally have a good speech base. Even if you don’t listen to the sound, you can guess the meaning of the speaker by observing the mouth shape of the speaker. But if you can’t see the mouth shape of the speaker, just listen to it by your ears, and those who have problems with your ears will be very hard.

Among the many hearing patients, most people have hearing conditions at moderate to severe levels. They all have one thing in common: they can speak louder to hear. At this stage of the patient, the choice of treatment plan will be relatively narrow.

The purpose of this test method is to quickly find early targeted hearing interventions for targeted interventions. Instead of waiting, the hearing situation is very bad, we can see it at a glance, then intervene, actually missed the best time.

This method of detection is simple, but it is impossible to obtain accurate test data, and it needs to be tested by means of a test instrument. If the home test finds that the ear does have a problem, it is necessary to go to the hospital or the hearing aid fitting center for testing as soon as possible. These institutions can measure accurate hearing data through the hearing device.

In daily life, pay more attention to the communication with the elderly at home. For example, if you have been calling through the door for a long time, you can’t react; the TV sound is loud; the phone ringing is not heard… These problems are actually very good. .

Usually pay more attention to the elderly in the family. If the elderly can’t hear, the quality of life will be greatly reduced, and the children will have to spend more energy on the hearing problems of the elderly. Early detection, early intervention, early treatment, good for the elderly, for the children, everyone!

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