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Little knowledge of the human ear

Everyone has ears. The ears we usually talk about in daily life are actually narrow ears. Most of them only represent the outer ear. The broad ear also includes the middle and inner ear, and even the auditory or auditory cortex behind the cochlea. In general, the ear is both an auditory organ and a locating organ. Its main function is to listen to the sound and maintain the balance of the body.


Three small bones in the ear

Three small bones in the ear

1, don’t look at the ears, but the structure of the ears is amazing.

The three ossicles in the ear (hammer, anvil, and tibia) are the smallest bones in the human body. They are connected end to end and there is not a coin. Although the middle and inner ear spaces are small and the structure is very complicated, it is like a labyrinth.


The ear canal is renewed every year.

2, the ear canal is almost new every year

The ear canal skin continues to grow outward at an annual rate of about 3.30 cm, but it continually falls off every year. If you don’t fall off, the ear canal will grow to about 20 cm outside the ear when 60.96 is old.


Wearing headphones 1 hours, the bacteria in the ear increased 700 times

3, 1 hours with headphones, 700 times in bacteria in the ear

Wearing headphones for a long time will affect the natural ventilation of the ear canal, which will make the ear canal become a breeding ground for bacteria. If the sound is too loud, it will damage the hearing. Therefore, it is best not to wear headphones for more than half an hour a day.


Ears still work while sleeping

4, ears still work while sleeping

The brain sometimes rests and shields the outside world, but the ear collects sound information all the time, and sleep is no exception. When you are awakened by the sound in the middle of the night, the brain is likely to be blank.


Some dizziness is related to the ear

5, some dizziness is related to the ear

The important function of the vestibular semicircular canal of the inner ear is to maintain body balance, and once the level of endolymph fluid is disturbed, it will cause dizziness. That’s why people spin up too quickly and people feel dizzy.


Yawning in the ear

6, yawning in the ear

The Eustachian tube is a channel that connects the middle ear to the nasopharynx. Normally, it is open, allowing the inner ear pressure and the external air pressure to reach a steady state. When yawning, the eustachian tube is closed, which will cause the ear to be not well ventilated, and the air pressure in the ear is insufficient, resulting in the same feeling of swell as when riding the plane and taking the high-altitude cable car.


Ears can affect taste

7, the ear will affect the taste

Studies have shown that 28%~80% of middle ear surgery patients will have abnormal taste problems. This is because the tympanic nerve passing through the middle ear is connected to the taste buds and the brain. Once the ear is damaged, it is likely to affect the judgment of taste.


Speakers can damage hearing

8, speakers may damage hearing

The voice of people talking normally is about 60 decibels. The most common cause of hearing impairment is exposure to noise environments above 85 decibels, which are referred to as “noise-induced hearing loss.” The study found that sitting in the concert, sitting directly opposite the high-powered speaker for only half a minute, can lead to irreversible hearing damage.


Ear has self-cleaning function

9, the ear has self-cleaning function

The pores in the ear canal produce sputum (commonly known as deafness and earwax), while the cilia in the ear push the sputum out of the ear canal. It is best to protect the ear canal when spraying hair gel, otherwise it will easily affect the natural shedding of the sputum and cause ear pain.

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