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What are the reasons for hearing loss?

Your hearing condition has a direct impact on your overall health. There are some reasons that we generally know, but there are some reasons that will surprise you.

In the United States, 5 has hearing loss per 1 individual, but 80% of these people ignore hearing loss. Every 5 person has 1 people suffering from tinnitus. Hearing loss, ear trauma, or circulatory disorders can cause tinnitus.

Hearing loss without intervention can lead to a decline in quality of life, isolation and reduced social activity. Depression, for people with hearing loss older than 50, people who do not interfere with depression are more likely to develop depression than those who wear hearing aids.

Anxiety, anger, depression, emotional instability, and paranoia, those who do not interfere with hearing loss, will have a negative 30%-40% thinking ability than normal hearing.

The inner ear is extremely sensitive to blood flow, and insufficient blood flow and vascular trauma to the inner ear can cause hearing loss. Hypertension and hearing loss are closely related, and high blood pressure will increase the hearing loss of the elderly.

Currently, smokers are at a higher 70% risk of hearing loss than nonsmokers.

Maintaining a healthy weight and physical exercise may help reduce the risk of hearing loss.

People with diabetes have twice the probability of hearing loss than normal people.

There are more than 200 ototoxic drugs (prescription and over-the-counter) on the market today. Fever, malaria, meningitis, or any disease that causes a sharp rise in body temperature can cause damage to the inner ear hair cells and cause hearing loss.

A study of the relationship between osteoporosis and hearing loss has shown. The demineralization of the three small bones in the middle ear may cause hearing loss, and those who do not interfere with hearing loss are more likely to fall.

If you have vision and hearing loss, your sound source positioning ability will be greatly reduced, and the hearing aid’s amplification of the remaining sound will help to compensate for the loss of vision and start a better listening journey.

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