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How much damage does otitis media have on children?

You may not know that children with otitis media, this inconspicuous “small illness”, has caused such a big disaster to the children…

In China, there are 8 cases of secretory otitis media or acute otitis media (1%) per 12.5 children. China is a populous country. There are nearly 2 billion students in primary and secondary schools, and there are 2000 10,000 children in kindergartens. 1/8 means that at least 2700 children have experienced otitis media with otitis media or acute otitis media. In the United States, 500 million children suffer from acute otitis media every year, and the annual prescription antibiotics cost more than 1 million dollars.

Otitis media

Secretory otitis media is defined as the middle ear effusion without the symptoms and signs of acute otitis media. The tympanic membrane is amber or dark in color, showing a gas-liquid level or air bubbles, and the tympanic membrane activity is reduced.

Please pay attention to parents! Infants with secretory otitis media may have the following performances:

(1) Mild intermittent earache, full of ear swelling. Infants are often caught in the ear, prone to irritation and easy to wake up.

(2) The baby has a poor response to the surrounding sound and cannot turn the head accurately to the sound source.

(3) hearing loss, even if the child does not actively tell the parents, parents should observe the child careless, behavior changes, no response to normal dialogue, always open the voice when watching TV or using hearing equipment.

(4) Unsatisfactory academic performance, poor balance, unpredictable clumsiness, and slow exercise (such as playing badminton).

(5) Speech language developmental delay.

Because of the hearing impairment caused by otitis media, the impact on children is multifaceted. If the child has the above symptoms, parents should take the child to the hospital or professional institutions to check the child’s ears. If the child is diagnosed with secretory otitis media, the ear will be in the state of attack of the bacteria after the child has secretory otitis media. At this time, parents must take measures to prevent further deterioration of hearing.

Take measures to prevent hearing deterioration

(1) Take care to prevent spilled milk or milk.

(2) Try to avoid upper respiratory tract infections.

(3) Avoid unnecessary noise.

(4) prohibits the use of ototoxic drugs.

(5) Try to be careful not to let water enter the ear canal while taking a bath.

If your child has a doctor’s examination and diagnosis of secretory otitis media, please don’t panic, and actively cooperate with the doctor.

There are two types of treatment options: non-surgical treatment and surgical treatment. Non-surgical treatment refers to children with 3 months of onset. It is necessary to observe closely. It is recommended to follow 2~4 once a week. When secretory otitis media persists for more than 3 months with hearing loss or other symptoms, persistent or recurrent otitis media with high risk factors (permanent hearing loss, speech growth retardation or disorder, autism, genetics-related Surgical treatment should be performed when the hearing level of the ear is better than 40dBHL or worse during the cognitive and speech expression disorder caused by syndrome, craniofacial abnormalities, etc., or during observation.

Pay special attention when feeding your baby:

(1) Whether you are breastfeeding or formula, the posture of feeding should be correct. Do not let your baby lie flat and eat milk. It is best to have a slightly higher head and a semi-recumbent position.

(2) After feeding, try to be patient with your baby and take the best shot.

(3) Baby who eats formula should pay attention to the nipple hole, avoiding too much and too much urgency when the baby is drinking milk, so it is too late to swallow and milk.

(4) If the baby has a cough, let the baby lie down on the side, the head is slightly higher, so that the corner of the mouth is at a low position, letting the milk flow out of the corner of the mouth.

Prevention of secretory otitis media, mainly to avoid the occurrence of colds, no cold, the chance of pharyngeal, nasopharyngeal mucosal congestion, edema, and the function of the eustachian tube will be in a good state. If a cold has occurred, it should be diagnosed promptly.

Secretory otitis media is a conductive hearing disorder, most of which can be cured, the degree is generally mild to moderate, and normal hearing is important for the baby’s speech development, in the critical period of speech development (0-3 years old), if there is hearing Obstacles can affect your baby’s speech development. Even mild to moderate hearing impairment can make your baby’s voice unclear, resulting in slow speech growth and slurred speech. Therefore, in the critical period of the child’s speech development, fully understand the baby’s hearing status, communicate with the audiologist in time, and obtain professional counseling and guidance.

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