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A cold can also cause hearing loss

When the winter holiday is over, parents should pay special attention to the child’s health problems, especially during the winter season. The most obvious cold is rogue, but parents also need to pay attention to it, that is, whether the child’s ears have problems.

The high incidence of otitis media in winter, most of them are caused by a cold

For children, winter is a high incidence of otitis media, most of which is caused by a cold. Ms. Xu’s child is a recurrent cold that has gone through a few weeks in the past. She is still in a runny nose.

In winter, children’s resistance is weak, and now the children who enter the final “review season” are prone to fatigue, so they are particularly vulnerable to bacterial infections. Sometimes the cold seems to be good, but they ignore the problems left by the ears. Among them, many secretory otitis media do not pus, the ear does not hurt, but it will unconsciously lead to hearing loss in children. Children often delay treatment because of poor expression. Ms. Xu’s child was misunderstood as being unconcerned and criticized by parents and teachers. Naturally, she dared not tell her parents the truth.

In addition, secretory otitis media, acute suppurative otitis media mostly occurs in infants and young children. Unlike secretory otitis media, the most typical symptoms of acute suppurative otitis media are earache, pus, and hearing loss.

Do you know the correct posture of the nose?

Some children have had rhinitis, and developed otitis media for a while, which makes many parents do not understand, how can rhinitis cause otitis media?

In fact, children’s eustachian tube is relatively shorter, wider, and flatter than adults. Therefore, inflammation of the nasal cavity and sinus is easier to enter the middle ear through the eustachian tube. The posterior nostril polyps and the posterior hypertrophy of the inferior turbinate can directly oppress the opening of the eustachian tube, affecting the middle ear ventilation and drainage, which is the main cause of otitis media. Allergic rhinitis can invade the eustachian tube, causing it to block and develop otitis media.

When the parents find that the child has a good cold and often runny nose, it indicates that the nasopharynx is likely to have inflammation. If accompanied by headache, it may be caused by otitis media. If the external auditory canal is found to be pus, it indicates that the tympanic membrane has collapsed. If the otitis media with effusion is not treated promptly, the fluid in the ear is not completely absorbed, which may lead to secondary diseases such as tympanosclerosis, adhesive otitis media, and cholesterol granuloma. The treatment of these diseases will be more complicated than secretory otitis media. Children’s hearing loss affects the development and learning of their speech and affects their ability to communicate with others.

After a cold, most children will have a runny nose. If the child’s nose is not in the correct way, such as pinching the two nostrils with your fingers, it is possible for the bacteria in the sputum to enter the middle ear through the eustachian tube, the passage between the ear and nose, leading to otitis media. Parents must teach their children to master the correct method of blowing their nose, which is important for preventing otitis media. The correct way is to let the child inhale deeply, gently press a nostril with a paper towel, tilt the side of the head slightly to the side of the nostril, gently rub the nose, and gently carry the nose in the other nostril by airflow. Then change to the opposite side and clean the other side.

Children’s physical fitness is generally worse than that of adults. Due to various factors such as temperature and air quality, children are prone to colds and illnesses. Therefore, parents are reminded not only to urge their children to learn, but also to pay attention to their health and prevent colds.

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