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Diabetes can cause hearing loss

Does diabetes cause hearing loss? There is no evidence that diabetes can cause hearing loss. However, data show that the incidence of hearing loss in diabetic patients is as high as 35% to 50%. How does diabetes affect people’s hearing?

How does diabetes affect hearing?

The body’s arteries supplying the blood of the ear organs are divided into the vestibular artery and the cochlear artery, which correspond to our balance and auditory functions. These two blood vessels are small terminal arteries, and there is no collateral circulation for compensation. When the long-term blood sugar control of diabetic patients is vascular lesions, the small blood vessels of the above-mentioned nutritional nerves are the first to be affected, resulting in narrowing of the lumen of the blood vessels or Occlusion.

The ear organ is one of the organs most sensitive to ischemia and hypoxia. When the ischemic condition persists, the hair cells of the cochlea with hearing function appear progressive irreversible damage.

Most people show mildly impaired conditions such as tinnitus, dizziness, and fullness of the ear when they experience hearing loss. If they are not found in time, timely treatment may develop into inaudible speech. The TV is getting louder and louder, and often at this time, our hearing has been difficult to recover.

Have high blood sugar, hearing is not good, pay attention

The causes of hearing loss are varied and can occur gradually in an instant, hours or days, months, and years. The hearing loss caused by diabetes is generally aggravated over a longer period of time. If the hearing suddenly drops, you will usually go to the hospital immediately and actively treat. However, if the hearing loss is slow, everyone may not notice that some people even attribute this hearing loss to age aging and miss the best treatment opportunity.

how to do?

Hearing impairment developed by this “metabolic ear disease” is generally irreversible. There is currently no particularly effective treatment. If you feel your hearing loss, you should go to the hospital or hearing center to check your hearing. It is very important to prevent hearing loss caused by diabetic vascular disease. Here are a few small suggestions, “Sugar Friends” can look at:

1 should be systematically treated for basic diseases in regular hospitals, strictly control blood sugar, and manage diabetes effectively to avoid excessive fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

2, often pay attention to their own hearing changes, if there are hearing changes such as tinnitus, dizziness or difficulty in listening to the normal volume of the TV, you need to go to the hospital in time to avoid delay.

3, for people with diabetes, should have a planned, timely hearing test to detect subtle changes in hearing. For most people, the pure tone hearing test is a good choice, it helps to detect hearing loss at certain frequencies, and the treatment intervention time is greatly advanced.

4, avoid overwork and maintain a healthy mindset. Sad mentality, suspicious depression and other psychological states and emotions of anger and anger may cause ear circulation disorder and induce ear diseases.

5, avoid too noisy environment, so as not to form a strong stimulation to the ears, and listen to music, broadcast, do not wear headphones for a long time, while listening to music, broadcast time should also be moderate, with appropriate rest time and small in the middle Volume, strong music, listen to half an hour or so should take a break, light music and slow-paced pop music can listen to an hour after a break, it is recommended to rest for a quarter of an hour.

Diabetes can be controlled by drugs, but there is no specific drug for hearing loss. Therefore, the problem of hearing loss should be given enough attention.

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