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Protect hearing safety ears

Listen to music loudly for three hours

In the past, people listened to music, tape recorders, walkmans, and later MP3, MP4, and now the computer at home, the phone in hand can easily download music and listen to music at any time. Director Hu reminded everyone that when listening to music, you should pay attention to both listening time and sound intensity.

“The sound exceeds 60 decibels, and continuous listening for more than 3 hours may cause noise-induced hearing loss and noise deafness.” Hu Haiwen said that this is worthy of the attention of friends who like music, and the headphones should pay more attention to it. The ears are quietly relaxed and rested. In the outpatient clinic, there are more young patients with noise-induced hearing loss, and they have also encountered children with noise-induced hearing loss. The doctor asked the reason and learned that it was caused by the loud sound of the TV and computer at home.

It is important to choose the right hearing aid


Good hearing comes from safe ear

The awareness of preventing noise deafness should be there. The damage of noise to hearing can be divided into acute acoustic damage and chronic acoustic damage. The former is mainly caused by the transient exposure of high-intensity impulse noise, which is more common after knocking, also called knocking enthalpy. Acute acoustic injury can be treated according to sudden deafness, while chronic acoustic injury is caused by long-term persistent strong noise stimulation, which is difficult to cure and can only be prevented. Therefore, it is important to establish the awareness that noise is harmful to hearing. Be careful not to stay in a noisy entertainment environment for a long time. When you go to KTV to sing, you can reduce the intensity of music and microphones, and control the volume and time when listening to music with headphones. If you live in a more noisy environment, you can install some soundproofing materials at home to reduce noise pollution.

For friends who have been in a noisy environment for a long time because of their work needs, experts recommend 3-6 to do a hearing test month to detect hearing damage early and handle it properly.

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