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Can I recover my hearing aid with a hearing aid?

Every user who is fitting a hearing aid wants to recognize the meaning of each sound after wearing a hearing aid, but in fact this process needs to be divided into two phases: listening to the sound and discriminating the sound.

Listen to the sound, which can be achieved by fitting a hearing aid. Hearing aids can improve the sound quality of the incoming ear, making people hear more clearly. Many people with hearing impairments complain that they can’t hear the sound. The role of the hearing aid is to let the user hear it.

To discern the sound, many people will be confused with the sound. Most people think that they can distinguish the sound by listening to the sound, and many people can easily enter such a misunderstanding. Why do people think so?

Because adults have a rich speech base, the brain can handle it itself and hear the meaning of these sounds before hearing problems.

Hearing impaired people will go through such a stage:

The sound heard is getting smaller, but I can still listen.

The sound you hear is even smaller, you need to say it loudly to hear it clearly.

A lot of sounds can’t be heard, it sounds very hard

Most users who come with hearing aids have reached the third stage. From the beginning of the discovery of hearing impairment to the selection of hearing aids, the time has been at least a few months, many years. In these patients with severe hearing impairment, the ability to distinguish sounds is significantly different from that of ordinary people.

When you hear the sound again, you will feel that the sound is a little uncomfortable. Listening to clear sounds with poor sound resolution, the sound is clear, but you can’t understand the meaning of the sound. This is what we call discriminating sound. The hearing aid does not have the ability to distinguish sounds. It is our brain that truly distinguishes.

The most straightforward example is the need for children’s language training after hearing aids for hearing-impaired children. Hearing impaired children have no verbal basis and no ability to distinguish sounds. Even if you hear the sound, there is no way to understand the meaning of the sound.

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