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The later the hearing aid is worn, the worse

Many people think that “the later the hearing aid is worn, the better” or “there is no such thing as listening to it.” These views are wrong. The longer the hearing loss, the less the stimulation of the auditory nerve, the more obvious the decline in auditory function. The later the drag, the less effective the effect of wearing a hearing aid.

In theory, “any listener can become a hearing aid user.” In general, hearing loss beyond 40DB (decibel) requires a hearing aid, and the sooner the match is better.

Every elderly person can have subjective requirements for hearing aids, because they only want to wear them if they choose and like them. These subjective requirements include the shape, comfort, clarity, etc. of the hearing aid. Hearing aids are generally divided into ear-back machines and custom machines. Custom machines can be divided into in-ear, ear canal and deep-ear hearing aids.

Of course, hearing aids are not as expensive as possible. The key is that it is not suitable. Before you choose, you need to understand your needs and hearing aids. For example, an 70-year-old elderly person rarely goes out. He usually loves to watch TV at home. We recommend to choose an ordinary economical hearing aid. An 50-aged middle-aged person has moderate hearing loss and is busy at work. It is recommended to choose a Bluetooth-enabled answering phone, a wireless-enabled TV-ready hearing aid.

Remind everyone, don’t just find a shop with a hearing aid on the street. Hearing aid fitting is a highly professional job that must be performed by a person with certain qualifications in rehabilitation audiology, using appropriate audiological assessments, tests, diagnostic equipment, and specific acoustic environments in the listening room.

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