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Five actions to help you relieve tinnitus

Action 1: In addition to the tympanic membrane massage, both hands and palms block the left and right ears at the same time, and quickly leave after extrusion, which can promote blood circulation in the ear, which is good for relieving tinnitus and relieving brain fatigue.

Action 2: Ear massage gently wash your ears and earlobe, or hold your hands on your ears, put your thumb behind your head, and hit your head with four fingers. This can stimulate blood, lymph circulation and tissue by stimulating nerve endings. Metabolism, regulate the mechanism of human viscera and relieve tinnitus.

Action 3: When you open your mouth and shut your mouth every morning, open your mouth to the maximum extent, breathe out a breath, then take a breath and close it again. This way, the sheets are joined together for several times, which not only makes the face more The muscles move rhythmically, and can also promote the body’s metabolism. The combination of the mouth can speed up the blood circulation, and can also make the throat get active, keep the eustachian tube unobstructed, and keep the pressure inside and outside the ear in balance. Very good effect.

Action 4: Sit down, sit tight, bite your teeth, pinch your nostrils with two fingers, scream your eyes, and let the air smash into the ear canal until you feel the sound of the sound, so you can increase the pressure of the blood vessels in the ear and make more The concentration of blood here is good for relieving tinnitus.

Action 5: Hot compress method with a warm towel on the ear, or rubbing your hands to feel the palm of your hand, press the palm of your hand against the ears, and expand the blood vessels of the ear by temperature to increase the local blood supply. .

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