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How to treat tinnitus

1 five-step massage cures tinnitus

Combs and ears: The fingers are combed from the front to the back, and the back of the head is applied to the back of the head. The palms are attached to the left and right sides to the cheeks for 1 times, and 108 times are continuously combed. `

Cover the ear and drums: the two palms cover the left and right ears, the fingers hold the back of the brain, and the index finger presses on the middle finger, so that the index finger slides down from the middle finger, so that the neck can be heard after the bullet. Sound, such as hitting the drums. Also called Mingtiangu. A total of 108 times.

The palm of the ear is deafening: the palms of the palms are tightly attached to the ears, and then suddenly loosen, and the sound of the bit is heard, which acts as a deafening ear. A total of 108 times.

Over the top of the ear method: first bend the right arm over the top of the head, use the right thumb, index finger and middle finger to pinch the left ear tip up, pull 108 times. Then change the left hand to pull the right ear, also pull 108 times. This action also has a preventive effect on frozen shoulder.

Double-handed ear method: hold the empty fist with both hands, pinch the earlobe with your thumb and forefinger. With the thumb behind, the index finger bends forward and pulls 108 times. Then the forefinger and middle finger of both hands are open, the middle finger is in front, the index finger is in the back of the ear, and the upper one is 1 times, a total of 108 times.

When you massage, properly grasp the speed and pressure according to your own tolerance. It is best to have a localized heat after each section is done. Do not do ear massage if there is redness or inflammation in the ear.

2. For non-organic tinnitus, try the following methods:

搓 palm method: hold your breath, X搓X X次X times, press the double ear door when you are in the palm of your hand, so 50 times, even for 6~2 months. When you are treating, keep your mood quiet.

Breathing method: calm and sit still, close your mouth tightly, pinch your nostrils with two fingers, and make your breath shock the deafness until the ear feels loud and loud. Do it several times a day.

Moermen method: Massage the ear door 12 clockwise with your thumb, and then massage the ear door 12 counterclockwise several times a day.

Mingtian drum ear exercises: use both hands to massage the 18 times on both sides of the ear, then cover the ear canal with two hands of the fish (two fingers on the side of the little finger), put the finger on the back of the brain, and use the index finger to press the back of the brain. 24 times, you can hear the sound of “咚咚”, called the Tiangu method.


Sound masking method: Turn on the radio, adjust to a noisy band, adjust the volume to a tone slightly higher than your own tinnitus, listen to 10~15 minutes every time, listen to 5~8 times every day for several days.

Prevent the occurrence of deafness and tinnitus, do the law of life, adequate sleep, avoid overwork and mood swings. Quit smoking, drink less coffee and drink tea. Control the intake of fatty foods and high-salt diets. Keep away from noise and reduce the damage to the auditory nerve.

3. Tinnitus is a concomitant symptom of high blood pressure, anemia, and physical weakness. It has a great impact on sleep, mood, and hearing.

Patients can self-massage to improve this symptom by:

First, insert the little finger of both hands into the ear holes on both sides, shake 20 times, then suddenly pull out and repeat 20 times.

Second, close the mouth, use the middle finger of both hands to repeatedly press the tragus (close the ear hole) 20 times from the outside to the inside, 1 times per second.

3. Massage the left and right ear wheels with both thumbs and forefingers, press and rub 1 minutes from top to bottom, and then press the side ears 1 minutes with both hands.

The above methods are massaged in order, with 1 times every morning and evening, with medication, the effect is better.

4. One method:

Use the end of the thick head of the round chopsticks (soaked with boiling water), insert the binaural canal for insertion and extraction 50 times, and then do the circumferential massage 50 times. Do the 50 times of the molar movement at the same time. Do it twice a day in the morning and evening. When you are finished, your hands are licking your ears and your ears. This method has obvious curative effect on neurological and ischemic tinnitus.

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