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Prevent deafness, be careful when rubbing your ears

In life, many people like to take things and rub their ears when they are idle. The ear is the most common little thing in life, but there are quite a few people who have problems. First of all, the bacteria are very easy to erode into the ear canal, such as taking a small matchstick and issuing a card. These are very dirty. Using these things to rub your ears, it is easy to damage the skin of the external auditory canal and bring bacteria into the ear canal. Ear itch is something that everyone has encountered. In order to solve the irritating itch, people used to use hair clips, matches, toothpicks, nails, etc. to dig their ears.

The human ear passes from the external auditory canal to the tympanic membrane, which is called the external auditory canal. It is characterized by a curved bow and a thin and tender skin. The outer part of the ear canal is rich in hair follicles and parotid glands and sebaceous glands. The oily secretions secreted by these glands stick to the dander and dust to form what we usually call “deafness”. The medical name is “耵聍”.

Don’t look at the name of “ear deaf” is not good, in fact, it has a certain protective effect on the ears. Because the secretions of the glands in the external auditory canal are generally weakly acidic, the taste is very bitter, and there is a certain volatility. This odor does not like the insects, and is not suitable for bacterial growth. Therefore, the “ear deaf” prevents the insects from flying in and protects. The role of the skin of the ear canal, so do not dig frequently. In addition, the bottom of the external auditory canal is the tympanic membrane, which is a very delicate film. In case of digging the ear, the tympanic membrane is inadvertently punctured. The lighter causes otitis media, and the severe person may even cause deafness.

Generally, a small amount of “耵聍” will fall out when the human body moves, and the large “耵聍” should ask the specialist to use the special tool “掏”, and you can’t just arbitrarily smash it. If the ear is too itchy, you should go to the hospital for a professional cleaning.

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