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Be alert to the dangers of children’s deafness

Compared to adult deafness, some of the children’s deafness occur slowly in life. Many children may have normal hearing at birth, but gradually grow with age, and under the influence of various external incentives, they may show hearing fluctuations or good or bad hearing. A few patients are accompanied by dizziness, unstable walking, etc. symptom. However, these symptoms are often not easy to attract the attention of parents, they usually think that it is a cold and other reasons affect the child’s ear function. Many patients go to the hospital after a sudden and severe hearing loss and conduct a corresponding examination, and finally get a diagnosis.

Harm of children's deafness

This disease is a large vestibular aqueduct syndrome and is one of the common causes of deafness in children.

Large vestibular aqueduct syndrome is a congenital inner ear malformation. The current cause is unknown, which may be related to genetic factors and intrauterine infection. Although this is a congenital disease, most of the early childhood hearing loss can be treated, the key is to find early.

Symptoms: Good or bad hearing

If you have any of the following conditions, you should be alert to whether it is a large vestibular aqueduct syndrome –

Most patients have normal hearing at birth, and most of the deafness occurs in infants and young children. It is characterized by progressive and volatility in hearing loss, and there is also a progressive sensorineural paralysis until the teens.

Most of the deafness is bilateral, and the range of hearing loss varies greatly, from mild to very severe. In severe cases, there may be speech impairment.

With the development of lesions, many patients will have sudden paralysis, and some people have slow volatility and decreased sensorineural hearing loss.

About 1/3 patients have vestibular symptoms, which are characterized by paroxysmal dizziness and instability. Younger children are characterized by a lack of good motor coordination.

Older children or adults will complain of tinnitus.

Xiao Bian here reminds parents to pay attention: If a small head injury, a cold, etc. cause obvious hearing loss in children, be sure to seek medical advice promptly, ask the doctor to check whether there is a problem of enlarged vestibular water pipes.

Treatment: early diagnosis, first medication

Medication: When the hearing is drastically reduced, medication can be used to restore hearing as much as possible. It is a good stage for children to maintain a long period of hearing, which is also very beneficial to children’s language development. In general, the hearing of some patients will recover by adopting a comprehensive treatment plan, but some patients are difficult to reach the pre-onset hearing level.

Optional hearing aids: For patients who have not shown signs of improvement after 3 months of standardized medication, hearing aids may be selected as appropriate. Cochlear implants should be considered if the hearing aid still does not contribute to hearing improvement.


● Regularly check your child’s hearing.

● Once the hearing loss suddenly occurs, you should go to a regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible, and you cannot wait for natural recovery.

● Try to protect residual hearing and help children maintain good hearing conditions.

● Try to avoid confrontational activities. In particular, protect the head from trauma, even if it is a minor collision.

● Prevent colds. Reduce the tendency to produce pressure such as nose and nose.

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