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a disease that can cause deafness

1, an external ear disease that can cause deafness: embolization of the external auditory canal, external auditory canal atresia, and external auditory canal stenosis caused by inflammation of the external auditory canal.

2, the inner ear disease that can cause deafness: various acute and chronic otitis media, middle ear tumor, tympanic membrane trauma, ossicular fracture or dislocation, ear sclerosis.

3, the inner ear, auditory nerve and nervous system diseases that can cause deafness, including ear complications of various acute and chronic infectious diseases, such as epidemic meningitis, epidemic encephalitis, measles, scarlet fever, rubella, etc. Oxygen otitis media causes hearing loss, and also invades the inner ear and its afferent path, causing sensorineural deafness.

4, in addition, drug or chemical poisoning, labyrinthitis, membranous labyrinth, tibia fracture, auditory trauma, acoustic neuroma, craniocerebral trauma, cerebrovascular accident or paralysis are also the main factors causing sensorineural deafness, senile deafness Belongs to this category.

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