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Misunderstanding of hearing loss

误解: Only individuals have hearing loss, and the statistics do not apply to me and those around me.

事实: In China, 1 billion people have various hearing losses. As the aging process deepens, 10 people will have hearing problems in 1 people in the future. Maybe you don’t feel it now. When you are 60, you will often encounter or hear someone hearing loss.

误解: If I have hearing loss, of course I am aware of it myself.

事实: The truth is that hearing loss begins to be gradual. Our own internal defense systems and capabilities make it difficult to self-diagnose. A simple “Hearing Test Q&A” can help you learn more, and professional hearing screening can provide a more positive answer.

误解: Most hearing problems cannot be resolved.

事实: 30 or 40 years ago, so to speak. Today, 90% of hearing loss – senile and noisy deafness – can be effectively addressed with today’s advanced methods.

误解: If you have hearing problems, it just means that the sound is not loud enough. .

事实: Hearing is not just the level of loudness. More important is the frequency of the sound or the thickness of the sound. When there is a problem with hearing, it is harder to hear the sharp sound—especially the background noise confuses the clarity of the sound, such as in a restaurant. Therefore, the full amplification of the sound is not as effective as the selective amplification of the sound.

误解: Hearing loss is no big deal.

事实: Hearing loss can cause many psychological problems, including frustration, withdrawal and depression. Communication barriers lead to interpersonal tensions and loss of respect. To avoid facing the facts, or to ignore the negative effects that have already been brought, it is better to face up to the problem of hearing loss.

误解: Hearing aids are too conspicuous to wear.

事实: Although hearing aids are less stylish than glasses, the new technology has reduced these hearing aids to covert. Many people wear hearing aids hidden in the ear canal. The behind-the-ear hearing aid can also be hidden in the hairstyle.

误解: Wearing a hearing aid is a sign of old age.

事实: The facts are changing, just as hearing loss is no longer a patent for the elderly (the fact that 45-64 is a hearing-impaired person is much larger than the 65-old hearing-impaired population), and wearing a hearing aid is not a patent for the elderly. Many deaf parents will invest better in their children’s hearing sooner or later. And we are accustomed to taking some measures without standing idly by, such as laser treatment of the eye and hormone replacement therapy has become popular. Therefore, doing nothing, it is more old than the problem itself.

误解: The price of really good hearing aids is prohibitive.

事实: Using technology to get better hearing is already within reach. The key is that the quality of life is meaningful to you. Good hearing aids look expensive, and it’s hard to measure the price and quality of life that you can improve, and you have to make your own decisions. However, measures for hearing loss are more economical than measures for other health problems.

误解: Hearing aids don’t work

事实: Hearing aids do not restore the hearing you have lost, nor do they prevent the progression of senile and noise-induced hearing loss. The inner ear has the same function as the brain, and the hearing aid does not improve the hearing. However, the new technology, which effectively amplifies the sound, does help many people hear more clearly in most environments. Still, unless you are willing to accept it, the subtle hearing aids are also in vain.
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