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Is there a dependency on wearing a hearing aid?

People with hearing impairments are very worried that they will have a “dependency” in hearing aids after they have a hearing aid. After research, there are indeed some people who cannot wear hearing aids after wearing hearing aids. So why is this happening?

“Inseparable from” and “unable to take off” means that the hearing aid has played its due role and greatly improved the user’s hearing. This is obviously a good thing. In contrast, some of the deaf patients who used hearing aids for the first time could not adapt, complained of blockage, foreign body sensation, and complained that the sound was not clear enough. There are many reasons for this type of problem, such as mismatching, poor product quality, and high psychological expectations. But the biggest problem is that they lack the necessary adaptive training.

People with normal hearing do not need to be equipped with hearing aids. Hearing aid users who do not have serious hearing loss are only using hearing aids in necessary or important situations (such as meeting guests or hosting certain meetings). They are not “unable to pick up”. Only those deaf patients who have benefited greatly from the wearing of hearing aids can’t do without hearing aids.

Wearing a hearing aid, I heard some unfamiliar sounds, and they could not adapt at the moment. One of the important ways to solve the problem is to carry out the necessary adaptive training so that the hearing aid effect gradually emerges.

Hearing aid adaptive training is not complicated. The general principle is to adhere to wear and step by step. From the daily wear time, it should be short to long; from the volume adjustment point of view, it should be small and large;

From the communicative environment, it should be quiet and noisy, simple and complicated. This step-by-step approach will help users get through the adaptation period as quickly as possible, maximizing the role of hearing aids. Once this is the case, I believe that some of them will also “depend on” hearing aids.


1, hearing aids are not ordinary goods, it is best to go through professional fitting, do not buy at will. You can go to the professional fitting center to pass the hearing test by the fitting staff and select the appropriate hearing aid to compensate for the residual hearing.

2, the auditory nerve will be used in the retreat, the elderly should be equipped with hearing aids early, do not wait until the deafness develops very seriously; long-term wearing hearing aids can restore the degraded auditory function.

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