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How to treat tinnitus?

Golden time of 90 days

According to data from US health agencies, nearly 15% of people around the world will have varying degrees of tinnitus problems from time to time. Although the current mechanism of tinnitus is widely discussed, some audiologists and medical practitioners believe that if they can be sustained Trying to intervene within 90 days of tinnitus may be successful. In Taiwan, many otologists insist that patients with persistent tinnitus due to nerve damage will be able to resolve as early as possible, intervene as early as possible, and treat as soon as possible, and the likelihood of remission will increase.

Acoustic nerve damage? Aging? Lesions?

From the perspective of Western medicine (Chinese medicine also stated), tinnitus can be roughly divided into two categories: objectivity and subjectivity. The sound and cause of objective tinnitus can be obtained through detailed examination, including hydrocephalus, tumor, perforation or vascular disease, etc. Subjective tinnitus is more common and more complicated, it is generally difficult to check the cause, large Most doctors believe that subjective tinnitus may be related to the inner ear or auditory nerve, and some doctors believe that it is related to the auditory cortex.

According to clinical statistics and their own experience, many medical workers believe that such auditory nerve-induced tinnitus, if they can intervene or seek medical treatment in the first two or three months, the chances of solving it are relatively large. More and more powerful, and even if it is treatment, it can only control the disease to avoid deterioration, but can not get rid of it. Therefore, at the 2016 Taiwan Tinnitus Research Conference, audiologists, doctors, and rehabilitation workers reached a consensus on the three-early principle of tinnitus patients (early detection, early intervention, early treatment).

The cause of tinnitus is complicated, can’t cure the doctor?

Many people think that since they have spent money, doctors should be able to judge the cause. However, in the field of tinnitus, it is a field of “crossing the river by feeling the stones”. Western medicine believes that when there is no external sound in the symptoms of tinnitus, there is a sound in the ear. It is normal for normal people to have mild tinnitus in a very quiet environment, but if the tinnitus persists and affects life, it is pathological tinnitus.

In addition to auditory neuropathy or aging may be the main cause of tinnitus, but also due to improper use of drugs leading to tinnitus, Hong Kong has reported that a number of men induced excessive tinnitus due to excessive use of erectile drugs (Viagra). In addition, perforation of the eardrum, water in the middle ear canal, external auditory canal, and excessive earwax are one of the causes of tinnitus. Long-term use of antihypertensive drugs, chemotherapy drugs or painkillers may increase the symptoms of tinnitus. There is also a simple reason for tinnitus, which is caused by long-term exposure to excessive noise. This situation usually notices a decrease in hearing before the appearance of tinnitus.

Tinnitus or ominous nasopharyngeal cancer

After examination and diagnosis, it is usually necessary to carry out targeted treatment after the cause of tinnitus. In most cases, tinnitus problems can be self-healing, but some tinnitus needs to be treated with drugs to cure inflammation, or to repair eardrum by surgery and to treat stagnant water. Pay attention to the middle ear water and tinnitus or a precursor to nasopharyngeal cancer. Generally, when dealing with stagnant water, check whether the stagnant water and tinnitus are related to nasopharyngeal cancer.

At present, one of the common practices for tinnitus caused by suspected auditory nerve damage is to use vitamin B, ginkgol and other drugs to supplement the corresponding organ nutrition. Some people also advocate the use of anti-neuro drugs to reduce the sensitivity of the auditory nervous system, but this method is a “seven-injury boxing”, and it may also damage its own hearing.

Hearing center tinnitus management

For tinnitus, a “world problem”, different people have different treatment options. In developed countries, the treatment of tinnitus is mostly in the hearing center rather than in the hospital. Tinnitus management is a long-term intervention and trial process, such as choosing a masking method. Handling tinnitus, this method is the masking of the hearing aid, and the hearing center plays music or rain sound to the patient through the earphone. If the tinnitus disappears, they will advise the patient to carry the micro music player with them, play soft music at any time, and reduce the tinnitus. upset.

The last one is an attempted method. It has been proven clinically effective for many people. It is a psychotherapy method. This method will make different psychological interventions for different patients. It turns out that many people’s tinnitus may be related to Related to psychological problems. In Denmark, many hearing centers are also equipped with psychologists to assist the audiologist to help patients reduce the pain caused by tinnitus.

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