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Whether wearing a hearing aid can restore hearing

Many elderly people worry that the hearing aids will not be picked up after they are put on, fearing that they will rely on the hearing aids. They think that they can’t pick them up even if they wear them, and the hearing drops more quickly, thus refusing to wear hearing aids. It should be acknowledged that some users do not have access to hearing aids once they have them, but this is not a bad thing.

Hearing aid users who do not have serious hearing loss are only using hearing aids in necessary or important situations (such as meeting guests or hosting certain meetings). They are not “unable to pick up”. Only hearing-impaired patients who have benefited greatly from the use of hearing aids will be inseparable from hearing aids. “Inseparable from” and “unable to take off” means that the hearing aid has played its due role and greatly improved the user’s hearing.

There are also users who will ask if wearing a hearing aid can restore hearing.

Studies have shown that early wearing hearing aids can protect the patient’s central nervous speech recognition function. Wearing a hearing aid can not restore lost hearing, but it can protect hearing that has not been lost. It can be understood as a biological “no need to retreat.” If you can’t hear it, or you can’t hear it clearly, the weaker hearing may get worse. However, the hearing of a person’s life is originally regressed, but those who have hearing impairments will lose faster and more seriously if they do not pay attention.

The true feelings of many people with hearing impairments, the loss of more is the ability to distinguish the language. As the hearing declines for a long time, the ability to distinguish the language will also decrease. That is: audible, but inaudible. There is a voice, but specifically do not understand. The obvious example is: watching TV, movies can hear the sound, but without subtitles, it is difficult to distinguish the language. Wearing a hearing aid does not cause hearing loss, nor can it restore lost hearing. Normal wearing of a hearing aid can delay hearing loss and maintain the original speech recognition ability.

Hearing aids are auxiliary, and it can’t be as good as the human ear. Although it is not possible to completely restore hearing, it can protect the existing hearing and slow down the speed of hearing loss. Therefore, it is recommended that hearing-impaired people, especially the elderly, have hearing loss. They should go to the professional fitting center as soon as possible to fit the hearing aid. The sooner you wear the protection of your hearing, the better.

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