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Diet regulation, improve hearing

Hyperlipidemia may also be associated with hearing loss in the elderly. Chinese medicine says that elderly people with hyperlipidemia are 20% more likely to have a hard hearing than older people with normal blood lipids. This is because hyperlipidemia can damage the inner ear nerves and blood vessels.

On the one hand, hyperlipidemia can cause lipid deposition in the inner ear and increase in lipid peroxide. Lipid peroxide can cause damage to the inner ear nerves, which directly leads to damage to the inner ear cells and atrophy of the blood vessels, thereby causing senile hearing. On the other hand, patients with hyperlipidemia have increased blood viscosity, increased platelet aggregation, atherosclerosis, slow blood flow, and insufficient blood supply. These factors can cause microcirculatory perfusion disorders in the inner ear, which in turn affects inner ear hearing. . Although there is no difference in symptoms between hearing and aging caused by hyperlipidemia, when the elderly have early symptoms such as hearing loss and tinnitus, they must go to the hospital to check blood lipids. If the diagnosis is a hearing impairment caused by hyperlipidemia, it should be actively treated with lipid-lowering therapy. If the blood lipids are well controlled after treatment, it can effectively delay hearing loss.

In addition, the regulation of life and diet can also effectively improve the symptoms of hearing. Including eating high-fat foods, it is recommended to eat more celery, bamboo shoots, bitter gourd, onions, etc. to help reduce blood fat, walnuts, pine nuts and other foods can also help improve hearing. Develop good habits, stop stagnation and stop drinking, usually exercise more. When the external auditory canal is not suitable, try not to use hard things to rub your ears to avoid infection. Hearing caused by hyperlipidemia, after reasonable treatment, such as good control of blood lipids, can effectively delay hearing loss.

Usually after the age of sixty, the microvascular in the ear will gradually become harder and narrower, and the red blood cells will gradually harden. Hardened red blood cells tend to block blood vessels, causing microcirculatory disturbances in the ears, resulting in senile hearing.

Supplementing a certain amount of iron can expand the micro-vessels, ensure the blood supply to the ears, and effectively prevent hearing loss. Modern medical research has also found that the content of zinc in the human inner ear cochlea is very high, and the content of zinc in the cochlea of ​​people over 60 years old is significantly reduced, affecting the function of the cochlea and causing hearing loss.

In addition, senile hearing is also related to vitamin D in the human body. Therefore, the elderly should eat more foods containing zinc and vitamin D, such as lotus seeds, peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts, lean meat and so on.

Overall, according to medical statistics, sudden hearing is received, and within 24 hours of onset, 90% of patients can return to normal or near normal. In three days, treatment can achieve 80% of the effect, and within five days, there are six treatments. It is hoped that 70% of the patients will be cured, and those who have not been treated within two weeks will have a poor state of hearing recovery. In addition, the speed of disease recovery is related to other factors, such as the older the patient, the weaker the resilience; the severe vertigo in the attack, the recovery is also weak.

In terms of preventive measures, we must also pay attention to enhance physical fitness, prevent colds, avoid excessive mental stress during work and life, adjust our emotions, and avoid being too excited and tired.

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