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Listen to music correctly and prevent deafness

Nowadays, many people almost “everything”, but you know, a small MP3, its maximum volume is equivalent to the volume of a plane taking off! If you use MP3 or mobile music, etc., it will be serious Damage your hearing health.

Under normal circumstances, the volume that the human body can withstand is below 80 decibels. If you live in an environment above 80 decibels for a long time, you will have headaches, memory loss, and insomnia. When the volume heard by the human ear reaches 100 decibels, longer time can cause irreparable hearing damage; The stimulation of the volume above 120 decibels will cause permanent damage to the auditory cells and severe hearing loss.

So, how big is the volume of listening to music? The following are the volume of several noises, you can compare them.

Volume comparison:

MP3 maximum volume: 120 decibel

Aircraft takeoff sound: 120 decibel

Electric drill sound: 100 decibel

Noisy bar: 90 decibel

Downtown: 70 Decibel

General conversation: 50 decibels

Quiet conversation: 30 decibel

Thus, the maximum volume achievable by an MP3 is equivalent to the sound of a plane taking off.

In fact, any sound above 85 decibels can cause hearing damage, because the damage depends not only on the volume, but also on the length of the contact. If the daily 8 hours are in an 90 decibel environment, it is enough to cause progressive and irreversible hearing damage. Therefore, experts also pointed out that in fact, listening to music damage to human hearing is not inherent, but caused by improper use of people.

I don’t want to be hearing impaired, but also regard music as a source of spiritual vitality. What should I do? Change the habit of listening to music from today, and enjoy your music while enjoying your ears!

Recommendation 1: Buy high quality headphones

Headphones should choose good quality, low noise, and the volume can be freely and flexibly adjusted. Once the sound is too loud, it can be adjusted in time. It is recommended to use earmuffs because it is less harmful to the ear than embedded.

Recommendation 2: Control the volume

The volume of listening music is best controlled to about 60 decibels, up to 80 decibels, to feel comfortable and pleasant.

Recommendation 3: Reduce the time of listening

Don’t listen to music for a long time. Let your ears rest every half an hour. The maximum length should not exceed three hours. Of course, the less the better.

Recommendation 4: Try to listen in a quiet environment

Don’t listen to music in a noisy public place, because it takes a lot of noise to cover the noise.

Recommendation 5: Don’t listen to music while sleeping

When I was asleep, my ears continued to receive the stimulation of music, and my hearing was damaged a lot.

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