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Who needs to wear a hearing aid

Some people mistakenly believe that the elderly donkeys don’t want to use hearing aids. On the one hand, they don’t understand that in terms of effects, the current hearing aids are no longer comparable; on the other hand, they are worried that the hearing aids will increase the hearing loss. In fact, hearing aids are good and harmless for the elderly. Most professional workers rely on hearing test results to determine whether older people need hearing aids. This is correct, but not comprehensive enough. The problem should be considered from two perspectives:

First, if the hearing test proves that a hearing aid is needed, then the hearing aid is used immediately.

Second, even if the hearing test results do not prove that the non-use hearing aid is not available (such as the degree of deafness is not very heavy), as long as the elderly subjectively think that they need a hearing aid, it must be used.

This is because hearing is a high-level, comprehensive, subjective feeling, and modern audiometry is difficult to show its full picture, and its subjective feelings can make up for the lack of audiological examination. Therefore, “need” is also a signal. Once the elderly feel hearing difficulties in their lives and work, it means that they need hearing aids, and they should be equipped with hearing aids.

In fact, there are two types of hearing aids that should be used sooner or later: one is children, they need to learn language with hearing aids. The other type is the elderly, the elderly are deaf, and hearing aids should be used as soon as possible. Because old-age deafness will gradually increase with age, and hearing aids should be used sooner or later. Early use of hearing aids can slow down the process of hearing degradation. Why not use it early? Wait until the hearing aids are not suitable for hearing aids. Wrong way.

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