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How to prevent deafness

What is deafness: refers to the decline in hearing sensitivity caused by various reasons, also known as hearing loss.

Common types of deafness

1. Secretory otitis media, because it does not flow, does not have fever, does not have earaches, until the children’s academic performance declines, when the personality changes, only to see the doctor, the loss of surgery and treatment opportunities, is one of the reasons for children’s common cause of paralysis.

2. Congenital paralysis refers to the loss of hearing function after birth, in a silent world.

3. Infectious pathogenic deafness, meningococcal meningitis, and mumps are left to be slow to perform neurotic deafness if they are not treated systematically.

4. Ototoxic 聋 (inner ear drug poisoning) refers to the abuse of aminoguanidine antibiotics or long-term exposure to certain chemicals caused by deafness.

Common ototoxic drugs:

(1) aminoguanidine antibiotics: gentamicin, streptomycin, kanamycin, neomycin, and the like.

(2) Salicylic Acid Pain Relief: Meshunin, Nimesulide Tablets, etc.

(3) Antimalarial Medicine: Kui Shou

(4) diuretics: furosemide, diuretic acid, etc.

(5) anticancer drugs: vincristine, 2-nitroimidazole, cisplatin, and the like.

Common ototoxic chemicals: aluminum, phosphorus, arsenic, benzene, CO, SO2, CC14, etc.

5. Idiopathic axillary no significant cause of severe hearing loss, produced within 1-2 days.

6. Autoimmune sputum: Adolescents who occur on both sides of the adolescents at the same time or in a sequence of asymmetry.

Principles of deafness treatment: restoring or partially restoring lost hearing; try to preserve and use residual hearing.

Deafness treatment

1. Drug treatment: to improve the inner ear microcirculation, hair cell nutrition and other drug treatment within half a year after the occurrence of deafness, if it is invalid, it should be abandoned, can not blindly superstitious drugs, because the inner ear hair cells of the sensorineural hearing loss necrosis, can not be regenerated, Medication is not a panacea, there are time constraints, such as 1-3 week after the sudden treatment of drug treatment, more than 3 week is not good.

2. Hearing Aid: The most practical and effective treatment and rehabilitation method for sensorineural deafness or conductive deafness that has lost the drug and surgical opportunity.

3. Electron Cochlear Surgery: It is suitable for patients with sputum with ineffective hearing aids. Because of a case of surgery, 20 10,000 yuan is very expensive and limited clinical application.

4. Hearing and speech training

1) Hearing training: After the hearing aids are equipped with hearing aids, the deaf patients gradually develop their listening habits and improve their ability in hearing, auditory attention, auditory localization and recognition, and memory.

2) Speech Training: Train your nephew to speak and read your lips, then understand and accumulate vocabulary, master grammar rules, and express your thoughts and feelings flexibly and accurately. Through the joint efforts of the teachers and parents of the deaf school, the deaf children are “deaf and not dumb.”

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