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Deafness may cause Alzheimer’s disease

According to the latest research by the World Health Organization, senile deafness has a close and direct relationship with brain atrophy and Alzheimer’s disease (other name: Alzheimer’s disease)! With the decline and decline of the hearing function of the elderly, the elderly lack communication with the surrounding environment. Will lead to a significant reduction in brain activity, which will aggravate brain atrophy and greatly advance the arrival of Alzheimer’s disease (Alzheimer’s disease)! Once the elderly suffer from this disease, the enormous pressure and burden on a family will naturally It goes without saying!

As the name suggests, senile deafness is a symmetry and progressive neurological deafness that is gradually manifested by age. Generally speaking, from the age of 45, accompanied by a series of aging phenomena of the human body, and with the rise of age, there will be different degrees of hearing loss. This situation can not cure the hearing loss. The main intervention therapy is based on itself. The situation is fitted with a suitable hearing aid to improve hearing, thus helping the elderly to communicate and live with their families normally.

Since hearing is the “gateway to the brain”, all of us must first transmit the sound to the brain before we can communicate with people. Once we can’t hear or hear the signal from the outside world, it means “turning off the reception of external signals.” The door, the communication with people naturally becomes “chicken and duck talk.” Patients with hearing loss are generally more or less aware of their own problems, and their inner feelings are sensitive. Once they find that others communicate with them in an unsmooth or even impatient attitude, they often have inferiority and become more reluctant. Communicating, intensifying communication, and getting into a “vicious circle” of “less and less words, more and more individuality.” Over time, the family will find that the old man who was only in the ear is not only inaudible, inaudible, but also more silent, depressed, and even unresponsive.

Therefore, in addition to having patience with the elderly, it is imperative to solve the problem of the elderly in a timely manner!

When you find that the old man in the family is lonely, silent, and slow to respond! Please bring the old man to the hospital for comprehensive health screening!


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