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Sudden deafness

Definition of sudden deafness

Sudden onset of unilateral or bilateral ear hearing (a lot of people waking up in a wake up, cold, mood swings or a lot of alcohol and tobacco stimulation), the performance of the sudden call on one side of the ear can not hear clearly, ear boring, There are sounds (tinnitus) in the ear, and even severe dizziness, nausea, vomiting.

What should I do after I discover deafness?

Visit the hospital as soon as possible within 3 days. 72 hours after the sudden deafness is the golden period of treatment, and the treatment efficiency decreases linearly after 72 hours. Therefore, you should immediately put down the work at hand to the hospital for treatment and early medication.


How to treat sudden?

At present, the standard of diagnosis and treatment in the United States has found that hormones are the most effective treatment for sudden deafness, including systemic intravenous, oral administration, intratympanic injection and the like. According to the frequency of hearing loss and the degree of loss, the treatment efficiency is about 20-95%, which is quite different. Among them, low-frequency mild to moderate hearing loss is the most efficient, and full-frequency severe hearing loss is the least effective.

Domestic medical standards believe that: can be given nutritional nerve, vasodilator drugs, such as ginkgo leaves, mecobalamin, vitamin B family.

It can be combined with local health insurance policy to decide whether to use medication or hospitalization. It is recommended that hospitalized 7-15 regular intravenous administration is effective.

Turkic daily nursed back to health

Turkic is an early warning mechanism for the decline of human body function and sub-health state. Physical health checks should be performed in a timely manner to rule out the possibility of systemic underlying diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia. At the same time adjust living habits, low-salt, low-fat and low-sugar diet, strengthen exercise, regulate mood, reduce work stress, rest more and drink more water, prevent further cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

For young people, special attention needs to be paid. Long-term wear of headphones to listen to music is a relatively common risk factor for hearing damage. Headphone wear time should be minimized.

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