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What is going on with your cough?

Hey ears, I believe everyone will do this kind of thing. However, there are some people in life who cough in one ear. Do you usually notice that you have this situation?


What is the reason for this? Many people still worry that they have otitis media. Is it really so serious?

If you are sick, it must be that your throat is sick.

Probably because you often clean your ears, but you don’t care about your throat. The throat is “heart-to-heart” to stage a palace fight.

In fact, the human ear canal skin and the throat mucosa have a “kind” relationship in the nerve distribution. One of the cranial nerves in the human body, that is, the vagus nerve, contains two kinds of nerve fibers, motion and sensation. It is popular because it is “far away from home” and “easy to get lost”, so it is called vagus nerve.

It not only manages the feeling of the mucosa of the larynx, but also branches out to the external auditory canal. In particular, there are many small branches on the skin of the posterior wall of the external auditory canal. When stimulating any branch of the nerve “total cable”, it is possible to move other parts at the same time. Some people lick their ears, and because they stimulate the tiny branches of the vagus nerve in the skin of the ear canal, the brain mistakenly believes that other branches of the vagus nerve are also stimulated. In this way, it makes people feel that there is something in the throat that is irritating and itching, so that “false information” is transmitted to the brain and causes coughing to remove “foreign objects” or “sticky” that may come in.

Medically, this phenomenon is called “ear-cough reflex”. It is not a disease. Many people are in this situation, so don’t worry.


Need to be reminded: We often say that deafness and earwax are called sputum, although it looks dirty and boring, but it is actually an oily substance secreted by the parotid glands of the external auditory canal, which protects the external auditory canal and The role of the tympanic membrane. Under normal circumstances, cockroaches can be discharged in the form of flakes by means of chewing, mouth opening and other jaw movements, so Xiao Ai does not recommend that you often rub your ears.

Finally, the question is coming:

For those who have “ear-cough reflex”, one ear will cough, then is it a throat, and the ear will itch?

Want to know the answer? You can try it~

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