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How to do otitis media

Prevention of acute suppurative otitis media should first pay attention to exercise, improve physical fitness, and actively prevent and treat upper respiratory tract infections. Disable hard objects and prevent tympanic membrane damage. Swimming should be prohibited for patients with old tympanic membrane perforations or tympanic catheterization.


For patients should pay attention to:

(1) When the initial heat is high, drink plenty of water.

(2) Keep the external auditory canal clean, but do not re-swipe.

(3) The ear should be on the underside when sleeping, and be careful not to be stressed.

(4) For children, when breastfeeding, take appropriate position, it should be high and low, and it is forbidden to feed in position.

(5) Take the medicine and change the medicine on time. The dressing utensils should be carefully disinfected.

(6) When changing the dressing, the patient should be placed on the side of the patient or the head should be tilted to one side of the shoulder, and the auricle should be pulled. The auricle of the adult can be pulled back and forth, and the child can be moved backwards and then drip or into the drug.

(7) Avoid spicy food and alcohol. The lactating mother of the sick child should also avoid the above.

(8) The water used for dripping in winter should be warmed up, and the temperature should be close to the body temperature. Convenient method: 10 minutes before dropping the medicine, hide the medicine in the pocket of the close-fitting clothes.

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