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What should children pay attention to when hearing impaired children wear ear molds?

Some younger children, due to hearing impairment, usually choose to wear hearing aids to improve hearing, and the role of hearing aid ear molds plays a considerable role.

Some children cry when they first wear the ear mold. At this time, the parents may mistake the ear mold for harm to the child, but in fact it is mostly caused by the fear of wearing the first time. How do we do this when we encounter this situation?

First of all, we should not rush to connect the ear mold to the hearing aid, but ask the child to wear the ear mold alone to reduce discomfort or fear. In addition, you can use toys to distract them, or let them see other children wearing hearing aid ear molds to reduce drag. Do not force children to wear ear molds.

Of course, children who do not wear ear molds may indeed be caused by problems inherent in the ear mold. Therefore, we must pay attention to the color change of the ear skin, in case of child crying, it is necessary to check whether the wearing ear is red and swollen.

If the ear is red and swollen, contact the tester in time. The child’s ear canal is not mature, and after a while, the ear canal will change. If the ear mold is worn not only, the child’s skin is relatively fragile, which may damage the child’s ear canal and cause bleeding.

There is also a case where the earliest development of the ear canal is becoming more and more unsuitable due to the development of the ear canal. It often slips out of the ear canal and the hearing aid also has a murmur. At this time, the parents need to change the ear mold for the child. If you don’t change it, the hearing aid may whistle, and the sound heard by the child will have a lot of noise. This is quite unfavorable for children in speech development, and serious problems such as big tongues and stuttering.

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