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With the rapid development of society and the pressure of life and work, the age of problems in the ears is getting smaller and smaller. Many times, the conversations of colleagues are not clear. The elderly can’t hear the ringing of the phone, the voice of the conversation, and the sound of the TV is too loud. More lost communication, closed up, and reduced love! Ears are not really affecting our lives. Now the specific analysis is as follows: Deafness is different for people of different ages, different work or living environments. The impact has the following advantages:

(1) Learning languages ​​and new things: From birth to 5 is a key moment for children to learn the language. Studies have shown that even frequent or long-term mild deafness caused by otitis media has a negative impact on children’s language development and learning.

Deaf children often have language delays, unclear vocabulary, poor expression ability, and slow response to music and rhythm because they receive less external voices. Children often fail to understand or hear the education of their teachers or parents, resulting in poor performance.

(2) Mental Health: The study pointed out that children with deafness often feel that their self-image is not good because of low grades, and they are prone to behaviors and psychological problems such as temper and lack of concentration.

Patients with deafness often need to repeat others to understand the content of the speech. In order to avoid embarrassment when communicating with others, the listener may slowly isolate himself or even cause temper, loneliness or depression.

(3) Interpersonal relationship: Inaudible hearing makes it difficult for patients to talk to classmates or relatives in school or social situations, and to be inconvenient in talking on the phone, so that they are isolated. At the same time, because people often don’t know what others are saying, it is easy to cause misunderstanding and affect interpersonal relationships.

(4) Career development: Many important business decisions are made in business meetings. If a deaf person cannot effectively talk to others or hear the speaker’s speech, they will miss or misunderstand some important messages. Affect business decisions, miss opportunities, and influence business development. It will also cause great trouble to the work.

(5) Physical and mental health: The health of the elderly is closely related to their hearing. In a number of studies, the researchers measured the health of deaf elderly people, and then equipped them with hearing aids. After 3 months, the same measurements were made and they found that their physical and mental health improved significantly. I hope everyone should pay attention.

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