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Can otitis media wear a hearing aid?


1, can the ear have inflammation to wear a hearing aid?

If the ear is now inflamed, or pus water, I only recommend that you do not wear a hearing aid at this time. Because this time to maintain ventilation in the ear, it will help the recovery of inflammation. At the same time, if the hearing aid is worn at this time, one is unfavorable inflammation, and the pus may penetrate into the hearing aid and corrode the hearing aid. Therefore, it is recommended not to wear a hearing aid at this time, and then wear it when the inflammation is good.

Does 2 and hearing aids induce ear inflammation?

In general, wearing a hearing aid does not cause inflammation of the ear, but when the patient is in a non-healthy state such as a cold or poor body resistance, the environment in the ear canal is changed after wearing the hearing aid, sometimes causing inflammation of the ear. At this point, we don’t have to worry, we should take off the hearing aid and continue to use it after the inflammation is completely cured. Very sensitive skin of the ear canal is sensitive to the hearing aid material. At this time, the manufacturer can apply for a layer of antibacterial material on the outer casing, and reduce it at the same time. Wear time.

If the patient has otitis media, it is recommended to choose a back-type hearing aid as much as possible. During the period of otitis, try not to wear a hearing aid, so as not to aggravate inflammation or pus water, which may cause damage to the hearing aid. Wear the hearing aid after the inflammation subsides.

If you are wearing a custom machine, pay attention to whether the machine casing is suitable. If the casing is not suitable, it may cause the ear canal wall to wear out, which may cause inflammation of the ear canal.

In summary, the hearing aids should be worn normally. Pay attention to keeping the ear canal clean. After cleaning the ear canal with a cotton swab every morning, wear a hearing aid. The hearing aid should be cleaned regularly.

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