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Sensorineural deafness

Noise deafness is a slow, progressive sensorineural deafness caused by long-term exposure to noise.

Tinnitus is a common clinical symptom. The incidence rate is very high. It can occur regardless of men, women and children. The feelings can be like buzzing, humming, wind, rain or whistle, ringing, etc. Tinnitus has single tinnitus, double tinnitus and intermittent tinnitus or persistent tinnitus. The lighter can only be heard in a quiet state, and the heavy one will feel the noise in the ear whenever he is. It can occur alone or in combination with other diseases. Although tinnitus is a “small disease”, it seriously affects people’s life, work, study and rest, and endangers the health of the human body.

After the occurrence of noise deafness, the first symptom that occurs is tinnitus, and tinnitus is often more common than deafness. Commonly, high-pitched tinnitus is common.

The effect of noise on the auditory organs can be roughly divided into two situations: one is the occurrence of hearing fatigue in a noisy environment. Because the auditory organs are stimulated by sound, the body will inevitably respond appropriately. However, when the stimulus is too strong, such as more than 90 decibels, it can damage the auditory organs, that is, the hair cells that damage the auger. At this time, even if you leave the noisy environment, in the quiet place, the ear will still squeak. This kind of tinnitus in turn conceals the hearing. At this time, if you talk to someone, you will not hear what the other person loves to say. After a while, the tinnitus disappeared and the hearing was restored. This is the phenomenon of hearing fatigue.

In another case, when working in a strong noise environment for a long time, the hair cells of the auger are often exposed to noise, which causes hair cell destruction and degenerative changes. The degree of disease is closely related to the intensity, frequency and length of service of noise.

Because the first to be affected is the high frequency outside the language frequency, which is the frequency that is not commonly used in life conversations. Therefore, in the usual language conversation, I don’t feel bad hearing. After a few years, I gradually developed into a hearing loss in the speech frequency, and I gradually felt deaf.

If you find yourself in a noisy environment for a long time, whether it is work or living environment, or you feel that you have tinnitus for a period of time, you should pay attention. Arrange your time as soon as possible to do a professional hearing test, keep abreast of your hearing situation, and listen to expert advice, such as: change work or living environment, if not, you can choose a suitable hearing aid to protect your residual hearing, etc. Wait. Even if the inspection report says that you are normal, you should not take it lightly, because the hearing loss will happen unconsciously, so you should regularly check with professional institutions to ensure early detection and early treatment.

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