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Reasons for children’s hearing loss

The reasons for children’s hearing loss can be divided into congenital and acquired.

Hearing loss

Congenital hearing loss in children is mainly due to lesions caused by the ear and adjacent organs, most of which are congenital hearing defects. Some of these children are caused by heredity and the other part is caused by genetic mutations.

Acquired hearing loss is more common, the most common is the impact of trauma and noise.

Trauma mainly includes tympanic membrane perforation, otitis media, earache bleeding and other symptoms. Some children may be beaten in anger because of the more naughty, and the child’s tympanic membrane is broken. At first, parents may not care. However, as the degree of damage to the tympanic membrane gradually increases, the child’s hearing is slowly affected.

The noise damage to children’s hearings has deepened year by year. Due to the popularity of electronic products, young parents often give mobile phones and other items to their children after they are born. In most cases, they have a lot of music. But in fact, such an approach may cause permanent damage to the child. The child’s cognitive ability is not enough to respond to the external stimuli in a timely manner. Therefore, even if the voice is loud, the child does not know how to refuse. Under long-term noise environment, people’s hearing will be greatly hurt. The most obvious symptom is tinnitus. But unfortunately, children can’t express their own tinnitus symptoms to their parents. Gradually, parents may find that the child has a problem with speaking. At this stage, the child’s hearing problem is already very serious. He must wear a hearing aid to increase the sound stimulation, because some of the children’s voices are not heard at this time. At the same time, professional language training is required to gradually transition to normal life.

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