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How to help hearing-impaired patients adapt to hearing aids?

(1) When we talk to deaf patients, there is often a tendency to raise the voice. However, when he put on the hearing aid, the hearing aid has amplified the sound for us. At this time, if you talk to them at a high volume, it will not only make him feel uncomfortable, but also make him more difficult to hear clearly. So talk to him at a normal volume.

(2) Many people who use hearing aids want to communicate with people right away. Therefore, our tone should be natural, don’t talk too fast and ambiguous. In the early stages of his adaptation to hearing aids, he talks slowly, and the pronunciation is clear, but you don’t have to do too much; you should face him as much as possible, your eyes, expressions and movements can help him understand the meaning.

(3) The user of the hearing aid needs to re-learn “concentrate” for a while. At this stage, you can give him some help, that is, to get his attention before he speaks, to make sure that he is listening. I started to talk.

(4) Many people are used to chatting, having a lot of food in their mouths, or talking or smoking their mouths while talking. These actions often make it difficult for deaf patients to understand the meaning of the speaker. This situation should be avoided.

(5) Sometimes the family will use some peculiar methods to try out the effect of the hearing aid. However, the result is a frustration for the user, which leads to loss of confidence in the hearing aid.

The various sounds in the (6) environment are easily distracting. Even a normal person, it is not easy to find out the sound of the sound in these noises, not to mention the person who uses the hearing aid. Therefore, we don’t have to deliberately eliminate all kinds of sounds in the environment every time we talk. We should try our best to focus on the content of the conversation without being disturbed by the outside world.

(7) When you talk, if you find that the other party has misunderstood, the best way is to change the word or statement, and say it again, don’t repeat the same text. Different words and different statements may be easier for him to understand.

(8) When he is tired or sick, the use of hearing aids will be reduced. At this time, we must be particularly patient and speak very clearly.

Mainly patience, understanding, and most important. We must understand that everyone can develop the skills of “listening” and the ability to adapt to hearing aids, but it should vary from person to person and cannot be rushed. Your attitude will be related to whether deaf patients can get the full benefit from hearing aids. Your support, encouragement, and the quality of your hearing aids are equally important. Because without the cooperation of relatives and friends, the hearing aid is likely to be abandoned and lose its role, and the quality of life is greatly reduced.

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