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Can hearing aids resume hearing?

Deafness brings extremely hardship and trouble to patients’ lives, study and work. Patients with deafness can’t hear or hear the wrong words, which leads to difficulty in learning, difficulty in communication, unsatisfactory work or paralysis and trouble, and the deaf patients are gradually separated from society. Therefore, many people pin their hopes on hearing aids, mistakenly thinking that hearing aids can correct hearing as easily as eye correction vision. However, the truth is not that simple. Hearing aids simply magnify the inaudible sounds to the point where they can be heard, reduce hearing difficulties (caused by deafness) and reduce deafness (psychological factors) without an exact scale. Hearing aids do not restore hearing to normal, it can only help. After hearing loss, you should choose a hearing aid in time to slow down the hearing loss. Hearing aids are an electronic product that is not a substitute for a person’s true ear. It is unscientific to put on a hearing aid and immediately return to normal hearing. Hearing aids have evolved from simulators to digital machines and even today’s high-end all-digital machines to meet people’s listening requirements in increasingly complex environments. The mission of hearing aids is to provide hearing-impaired people with the same opportunities for communication as normal people with high-quality hearing aids. Your expectations for hearing aids are related to your listening needs, and the final hearing aid depends on your choice of model.


There is no doubt that hearing aids are certainly useful for deaf patients, but the use of hearing rehabilitation depends on the following factors:

(1) The expected value of the hearing aid should be realistic and understand the performance characteristics of the hearing aid. As a medical device, a hearing aid does not solve all the problems of the patient. Only when the patient fully understands the characteristics of the hearing aid can he give up unrealistic thoughts.

(2) The correct choice of hearing aids. Hearing aid selection is an important part of hearing rehabilitation. The degree of deafness varies from patient to patient. Hearing aids are a means of helping patients effectively use residual hearing. Therefore, the patient must go to the professional organization to make the correct selection so that the hearing aid can play the most important role.

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