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What is the hearing loss? Need to wear a hearing aid?

What is the decline in hearing? Tinnitus is inextricably linked to hearing loss. The incidence of tinnitus is very high. Many patients with tinnitus report a hearing loss. This is because the snoring of the ear stimulates the ear for a long time, which damages the hair cells of the ear, causing the hearing function of the ear to fatigue and causing hearing loss. Many of the causes of tinnitus are the root cause of hearing loss.

What are the factors that cause hearing loss? Common factors that cause hearing loss are:

1, ear diseases: common ear diseases are also an important cause of hearing loss. For example, idiopathic deafness, otitis media and other diseases are not treated promptly and effectively, which will seriously damage the ear cells and directly lead to hearing loss.

2, systemic diseases: autonomic disorders, lack of blood supply to the brain, pre-stroke, hypertension, hypotension, anemia, diabetes, malnutrition.

3, excessive pressure: long-term work pressure is too large, the spirit is in a state of tension for a long time, the inner ear is stimulated to cause paralysis of the auditory nerve capillaries, obstruction, causing blood supply disorders in the inner ear, neuroepithelial ischemia, lack of necrosis, thus making hearing Decline without warning.

4, long-term noise pollution: often wear headphones to listen to music, learn English, the voice is very large but not self-aware, in the long run, causing serious damage to the tympanic membrane, the human auditory nerve is also slow to respond due to frequent super loud sonic stimulation, thus Causes hearing loss.

5, eating irritating foods: irritating foods such as alcohol, tobacco, and barbecue are also important causes of hearing loss. Too much irritating food usually causes severe irritation to the capillaries and auditory nerves of the ear.

6, drug poisoning: Toxic drugs that can be infected by injuring nerves, capillaries, etc., even if there is no serious reaction in the whole body, hearing may be suddenly reduced.

After discovering the phenomenon of hearing loss in the elderly, you should go to the hearing aid fitting center as soon as possible to test the hearing for the elderly and choose a hearing aid to give the old man with hearing loss a vivid old age life! Fit and wear appropriate hearing aids to solve the hearing loss so far. The real way of the problem.

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