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What about deafness? Good or bad hearing

In your daily life, have you had a good or bad experience in hearing?

Everything was normal in the first second, and the sound around it suddenly became smaller after a second; after a while, it seemed to “recover” the hearing again?

What causes the hearing to be good and bad? And listen to me to analyze the possibilities.

Eustachian tube dysfunction


The Eustachian tube is a small tube that connects the middle ear tympanic cavity to the back of the nose. The task of this tube is to balance the air pressure outside the ear and the middle ear tympanic chamber by opening and closing.

Usually we may not notice the effect of the Eustachian tube, but when we take off and land on the plane, you will notice it.

As the aircraft rises or falls, the eustachian tube also redoubles its efforts to regulate the air pressure inside and outside the ear due to frequent changes in air pressure.

If your Eustachian tube “strikes”, your ears will feel blocked and your hearing will be affected.

The most common cause of eustachian tube dysfunction is a cold or sinus infection.

Due to occlusion of the sinus, the eustachian tube cannot be opened normally, resulting in a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the ear, and the tympanic membrane is depressed or convex, and the hearing is also affected.

When the symptoms of the disease disappear, your eustachian tube will open and your hearing will improve.

Volatility hearing loss

It is not common in general patients, but sometimes it occurs in patients with Meniere’s disease.

One of the characteristics of Meniere’s disease is the volatility of hearing, usually occurring in one ear.

You may notice that the ear that is onset will fluctuate over a period of time, and this change is likely to last for a few days instead of minutes or hours.

Exposure to high intensity noise


If you are in a strong noise environment for a period of time, you may notice a temporary change in your hearing. This phenomenon is called Temporary Threshold Shift (TTS), which means that the human hearing threshold has temporarily changed.

Temporary threshold shifts occur when the human ear is exposed to loud sound for long periods of time, such as concerts, gunshots, or loud machine sounds.

When leaving this kind of strong noise environment, the ear will slowly recover and the hearing threshold will gradually recover.

However, it is important to note that if the environment is in a strong noise environment for a long time, the temporary threshold shift may become a permanent threshold shift, that is, permanent hearing.



Too much accumulation, blockage of the external auditory canal may also result in “sustained” hearing loss, unless the sputum is completely removed to restore the original hearing.

But in some cases, sputum embolism may also make your hearing good or bad:

When the mouth is opened to open the chin, such as chewing or yawning, the ear canal will change shape, and the sputum may also be displaced in the ear canal;

The sound is constantly changing during the transmission of the external auditory canal due to the blocked position of the sputum, resulting in good or bad hearing.

to sum up

If you find that your hearing is abnormal, or if you have a good or bad time, be sure to go to a regular hospital and have your doctor’s or audiologist check and hearing your ears.

According to the actual situation, symptomatic treatment, such as treatment of Eustachian tube dysfunction, Meniere’s disease, away from high-intensity noise or wear anti-noise earplugs, remove the sputum that blocks the ear canal.

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