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Prevent deafness, don’t let the wrong way to call hurt your ears

Advances in science and technology have emerged as mobile phones, which have greatly narrowed the distance between people and people, and have facilitated people’s work and life. Every day, a lot of phone information is sent around us, but many people make mistakes in the way they call, and these wrong ways will directly hurt our ears.


1, “one ear” 煲 “mobile porridge”

Often people call porridge or use one ear to answer the phone. Research has found that long-term exposure of the brain to radiation can have a bad effect on the brain. Therefore, experts recommend that you try not to answer the phone for a long time. If you must answer the phone for a long time, you should also use the landline or use the headset to answer the call. In the process of receiving a call with a mobile phone, it is best to rotate the left and right ears every one or two minutes. This is good for both the brain and the ears.

2, hanging your phone around your neck or waist

Some people are used to hanging their phones around their waists or chest. To know that the radiation range of a mobile phone is a ring-shaped belt centered on a mobile phone, the closer the radiation is to the mobile phone, the greater the radiation, so do not keep close contact with the mobile phone for a long time. If the distance between the waist and abdomen and the mobile phone is too close for a long time, it may affect the reproductive function of the person. It is safer to put the phone in a carry-on bag, preferably on the outer layer of the bag, because it is a little farther away from the person and has good signal coverage.

Some experts pointed out that especially people with arrhythmia or cardiac insufficiency should not hang their mobile phones on their chests.

3, east and west, frequent movement

Some people call to move around and back. When the mobile phone moves back and forth, the signal of the mobile phone will be different, which will increase the radiation of the mobile phone. Also, when driving, it is best not to use a mobile phone. If you have to play, you should also use headphones, so that the body will receive much less radiation.

4, private phone “hide in the corner and whisper”

Some people like to make a phone call in the corner. As everyone knows, the signal in the corner is generally poor. In order to prevent the signal from being interrupted, the mobile phone will increase the power of the mobile phone, and the radiation will increase. Therefore, answering the phone should be in a good place. In addition, in the closed environment such as elevators and basements, you should also be careful to use mobile phones.

5, hold the phone close to the ear when dialing the phone

When the number dialing is not yet connected, the radiation of the mobile phone is relatively large, and the call should be made after the mobile phone is connected.

6, the weaker the cell phone signal, the closer the ear is attached

Many times, if the signal of the mobile phone becomes weak and the sound quality we hear deteriorates, we all like the instinct to put the mobile phone closer to our ears, but this is completely wrong, the mobile phone signal is weak, the mobile phone The electromagnetic wave’s emission power will be automatically increased, and the radiation of the mobile phone will also increase significantly. Therefore, you should also move to a place where the signal is good.

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