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Tinnitus is very annoying, try to hear the sound of dripping

Many people have this feeling, sleeping very badly when it is raining and raining, which is the hypnotic effect of natural therapy. Some doctors use this method to let the old man make dripping sound and cure the tinnitus.

An old man who was nearly 70 years old had tinnitus three years ago and is getting more and more serious. Whenever night comes, especially in the dead of night, it is most uncomfortable. I always feel that there are countless “knowing” noises in my ears. He is upset, sleepless at night, and his body is getting worse. Careful physicians in the diagnosis and treatment, inadvertently learned that the elderly in the stormy night, often can sleep a sense of stability, the reason is that there is wind and rain outside the window.


Therefore, the doctor at the same time advised him to make some minor voices and change some of the soft environment when he slept, so as to divert his attention. At first, the old man put a small alarm clock in his ear, and the ticking of the alarm clock made him live a stable life. However, after a short period of time, there is an anxiety, and I always feel that the second is like a year. At this time, the doctor suggested that he make some water droplets in the bedroom. Therefore, the old man found a used water dispenser, and the faucet of the water dispenser was slightly opened before going to sleep, and the water in the water dispenser could be dripped to the bucket prepared in advance. The sound of dripping water is crisp and sweet, such as the mountain spring, so accompany the old man slowly into the dream. Since then, his tinnitus has become lighter and lighter, his sleep is better, his mood is better, and he is actively exercising. After nearly half a year of conditioning, the tinnitus has healed.

If you feel a problem with your hearing, please go to a regular medical institution or a hearing aid fitting center to do a comprehensive hearing test to avoid further hearing. If necessary, you can wear a hearing aid as soon as possible, because the auditory nerve will “use and retreat”. If the hearing aid is not used early, the brain reaction of the elderly will become more and more dull, leading to Alzheimer’s disease; early hearing aids can get speech stimulation and protection in time. Residual hearing, improve hearing sensitivity, can gradually restore the degraded auditory function and create a harmonious and happy life.

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