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Otitis media can not be ignored, long-term illness is easy to cause hearing loss

There are many reasons for hearing loss, which are roughly divided into congenital and acquired, and several common factors include otitis media. About 80% of young children have had at least one otitis media before the age of three. Adults with long-term smoking, improper snoring and other stress changes can also cause otitis media. Otitis media is divided into chronic, acute, suppurative, non-suppurative, and nodules. In addition to causing temporary ear tingling, ear pain may be known. If long-term inflammation is not treated, permanent hearing loss may result. Even more infected with full-faced sputum, labyrinthitis, meningitis and other life-threatening lives.


The best treatment for otitis media:

1, treatment of acute and chronic suppurative otitis media:

The treatment of acute and chronic suppurative otitis media is mainly based on medication and instillation. Among them, the main treatment is anti-inflammatory drugs; for topical application, external application such as physiological saline is used; the ear drops are liquid drugs that are dripped into the patient’s ear and flow through the tympanic membrane to the middle ear.

If suppurative otitis media has evolved into mastoiditis, surgery is required.

2, treatment of secretory otitis media:

The treatment of secretory otitis media aims to improve middle ear ventilation and clear middle ear effusion, and to control local infection as a treatment policy.

You can use the medicine prescribed by your doctor to spray into the nasal cavity and relieve local edema. If symptoms persist in 3 months of continuous medication, puncture fluid should be administered.

Treatment of 3, otitis media with otitis:

If the ear pus is smooth in patients with otitis media with otitis media, local treatment can be used; if the pus is obstructed or not smooth, surgery is required.

Treatment of 4, cholesteatoma otitis media:

For cholesteatoma otitis media, it is not helpful to rely solely on medication. The drug can only temporarily relieve the pain and cannot be completely cured. If you want to cure the symptoms and cure the disease, you need to undergo surgery. The use of surgery to eliminate the epithelium from the middle ear is the most critical factor in the treatment of otitis media with cholesteatoma.

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