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Young people, headphones can’t be worn like this!

Many young people wear headphones and listen to various styles of songs and programs on the way to and from work every day to ease the mood of the day of fatigue adjustment, and they are not used to it without headphones.






I really can’t think that wearing headphones like this every day will bring such a big deal. So why is this happening? Let’s talk about the damage to the headphones. Everyone knows that the ears are composed of three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear.


The outer ear receives the sound of the outside world, causes the tympanic membrane vibration along the ear canal to transmit the sound to the inner ear, and then transmits it to the auditory center in the brain through the auditory nerve, so we hear various sounds, and the main cause of hearing loss is Noise, long-term use of headphones, the sound concentrated on the periosteum is likely to cause hearing fatigue, long-term stimulation leads to damage to the peripheral receptors, mild tinnitus, severe hearing loss. Chinese scientists have studied the subjects with an average age of about 23 years old and found that there are significant differences in hearing thresholds compared with the control group using 1 hours and 1-2.5 hours per day. What kind of audio is harmful to hearing, medicine shows that when the volume exceeds 85 decibels, the longer time may cause hearing fatigue, the volume is up to 110 decibels or more, which can cause irreversible hearing loss.

When the hearing is initially impaired, the language frequency of daily communication is not affected, and only when the hearing extends to the low frequency and the hearing loss of the language frequency reaches a certain level, we will feel the hearing impairment.


Therefore, the impact of long-term use of headphones is often manifested after many years, how to use headphones correctly:

1, refer to the “60-60” principle, the nationally recognized method of protecting hearing, when using headphones, do not exceed the maximum volume of 60%, no more than 60 minutes per day. Xiao Bian advises you not to listen all the time and let your ears have enough time to rest.

2, pay attention to the use environment of the headphones, when we listen to more clearly in the noisy environment, often unconsciously will turn up the volume, in fact, this is not good, noisy environment is recommended not to wear headphones.

3, don’t wear headphones to sleep, many people have the habit of listening to songs, but wearing headphones to sleep on the pillow, it will damage the auricle to the periosteal stimulation, and often forget to take off after sleeping, wearing headphones It will be longer.

4, headphones have abnormal sounds, don’t use them. If the muddy headphones often have some “shasha” noise, then this pair of headphones is not recommended, because listening for a long time may be damaged~

5, a long time recommended headset. The in-ear earphone has a small contact area, which has a great influence on the inside of the ear, while the headphone is relatively less stimulating. The friends who use the earphone for a relatively long time every day, it is recommended that you use the head-mounted type to be safer.


Of course, the above methods are only to reduce the damage of the headphones to the hearing, the focus is still to reduce the time to wear headphones. If you have earphones, ear nausea, etc. due to wearing headphones for a long time and listening to high-volume sounds, be sure to diagnose and treat them in advance.


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