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Can’t hear is the farthest distance

In the Internet age, more and more people are unable to leave their smartphones. “The farthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but we are sitting together, but you are playing with your head down.” This widely spread piece is a reflection of the real life of many young people. For people with hearing impairments, especially the elderly, their scene may be: the farthest distance in the world, I am calling you in the kitchen, but you are in the living room. Whenever family members make a meal and call them to eat, they simply can’t hear or hear what the other person says unless the other person walks in or leans into the ear to communicate.

The reason for this is your hearing loss.

Hearing impairment is a common disease in the otolaryngology department. According to the survey, people over 65/1 who have 3/XNUMX have hearing impairment. This is often caused by a variety of factors such as age, noise, viral infections, antibiotics, diabetes, trauma, and more. This brings the inconvenience and embarrassment of life and work to the hearing-impaired patients, which in turn causes the dysphoria, dumbness, and dementia of the hearing-impaired patients. It is especially important for early detection, early treatment or intervention of patients with hearing impairment.


What are the early signs of hearing impairment?


The symptoms of hearing impairment are often the obstruction of the ear, the tinnitus, and the feeling of being heard by others. The average magnitude of this type of hearing loss is getting heavier and heavier, especially for some high-frequency, sharp tones that sound more difficult. If you continue to develop, you will feel more difficult to listen to, and you will not even hear it.


During the conversation, we often heard hearing impaired patients say that they could not hear, but in most cases they complained that they could hear but could not hear. The so-called inaudible is already a sign of early symptoms.


Some patients with early hearing impairment can clearly feel that the sound is not loud enough, so often put your hands behind your ears to increase the volume of the reception; when watching TV or listening to the radio, you often ask for an increase in volume, so that the family thinks it is shocking. . The following problems also occur frequently: you can’t hear the phone bell or the doorbell; when you talk to a single-sided hearing-impaired person, you are often used to leaning your head to one side.

The above is an introduction to the early signs of hearing impairment, and reminds everyone to develop good habits in normal life, to avoid the aggravation of the disease, patients should also be treated early and recover early.

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